Friday, October 21, 2016

Shri Arunachalam holding an Umbrella for Pudhu Periyava!

These pictures are shared by Gayathri Sivaguru. Her Father in law known as Shri Pathangi Arunachalam is very attached to our Kanchi Matam. He used to to kaingaryam in the Matam. Here is the fortunate and blessed Shri Arunachalam, standing with folded hands on the rightmost in the picture with Kanchi Mahaperiyava and holding the Umbrella to Pudhu Periyava in the second picture! The last one is his recent picture. All of us may have seen the first two pictures but now we know the person in those. Shri Arunchalam is unable to recall the location of the pictures with the Periyavas, but how fortunate he is to be with Them so close! Please click the below link and listen to an interesting incident about Mahaperiyava. Shri Arunachalam's name is mentioned towards the end, along with the other Blessed people who did Kainkaryam to Mahaswamigal. Shankara.

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