Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Come, I will show you Lord Shiva!"

Pradosham Mama and Mami

On my wedding anniversary last week I was praying to Appa as always saying, "I want only 

Your Padhuka. Nothing else like a saree or gold interests me any longer". And after I did 

the Pooja I settled down for my afternoon siesta.And my Guru Pradhosham Mama came! I 

am standing inside some temple. Mama comes to me (I have not seen him in my life) and 

says, "Vaa, unakku sivanai kattaren, Come, I will show you Lord Shiva!", and walks inside 

the Garbagraham, the innermost Sanctum Santorum.

I hesitate and ask him, "Can ladies come inside?"

He replies, "Nee vaa, naan kuttindu poren, You come, I will take you inside!"

And I cross the steps made of gold and enter the Garbagraham with him!

Inside I see an open space full of sand and Appa sitting with His Dhandam. I exclaim, "It is 

so hot, why can't someone hold an umbrella for Appa?"

Mama starts exclaiming in a loud voice, "Annamalayane, Arunachala, Mahaprabho!" And 

these are the same expressions Mama used to address Appa during their divine 

interactions in real life! Now suddenly it dawns on me it is indeed Lord Shiva I am looking at!

At this point I woke me up from the middle of my sleep.

But I had Darshan of my Guru and Appa and was dazed for a few hours. I still can't believe 

that my Guru has blessed me by coming in my dream along with our Mahaguru!

The following part happened on Sunday the March 15th. I had planned to go to Kanchi only 

on Monday. Today around 1 pm I called Rajaji mama and told him that I am planning to go 

to Kanchi on Monday March 16th. He requested me to pray for his daughter as he cannot 

travel much. I told told him that I will surely do. Within 5 minutes Mama called me again and 

said, "Shall we go to Kanchi around 2:30 pm today itself? My car and driver are free!"

I was shocked and said, "Yes I will come!"

My husband said, "If Appa is calling you now something must be in store!" I never imagined 

I will get His Padhuka then.

We arrived at Kanchi Matam at around 4:45 pm. Mama prayed for his daughter and I 

prayed for my nephew! While leaving, as always, I asked Hari mama (he is one at the 

Adhishtanam) to whisper into Appa's ears that I should get His Padhuka soon! Hari Mama 

told me, "Will you do it if I tell you to do something?"

I said Yes.

He said, "Go and meet HH Pudhu Periyava and tell Him you want Appa's Padhuka for 

doing  Pooja at home. He may or may not give, but if He gives it, bring them to me!"

Rajaji mama advised me thus: "You tell HH Pudhu Periyava that Appa has done kanya 

pooja for you when you were a little girl. And that now, you want to keep His Padhuka at 

home and pray. You must bless me!" When I entered Pudhu Periyava's darshan place and 

saw Him words failed me! Slowly I collected myself asked Him the same. He looked at me 

for a few minutes intently and then started giving Prasadam to other devotees. I was 

standing there for a few minutes. Then He called His Kaingaryam person, showed His feet 

in gesture and also a lock and key by hand gestures!

The Kaingaryam person went inside and got the Padhukas. Pudhu Periyava Swamigal kept 

it in a plate put lot of kumkum and blessed me and asked me to keep it at the Adhishtanam 

and then take it!

<Shankara. I am finding it impossible to type now!>

I started crying and by the time I came to Adhishtanam I was crying loudly! <Shankara>

Hari Mama asked, "Padhuka kedachudha? unakku kudukkama ungappa vera yarukku 

kuduppa! Did you get the Padhuka? Will your Appa ignore you ever?"

He kept it at Appa's feet, got a vastram cloth of Appa from Adhishtanam and kept the 

padhuka on it and did Ashtothram archana filling it completely with flowers! When he 

finished the Ashtothram a big bunch of flowers fell from Appa's head on to the plate! The 

devotees around exclaimed AAAAHHHH !!!!!

<Shankara. Is it possible for anyone not to cry now!>

My joy knew no bounds! Crying I carried Him around the Adhishtanam. I have never felt this 

happy in life. Rajaji Mama and Mami are such genuine and pure souls and were elated to 

witness this! I told mama that Appa has decided that He has to come to my home in a car. 

That's why He has made us plan this trip suddenly!


Went to Kamakshi temple and Pradhosham mama's place too yesterday. They were also 

happy that I got Appa's Padhuka. What I had prayed there on last Anusham (last month) 

has come true! And pradhosham mama my Guru had come in my dream on Monday and 

indicated this to me !!!!! I only failed to realise this....


The top picture shows His Padhukas that Chithra was blessed with, the one below shows 

the Padhukas placed at His Lotus Feet at the Adhistanam.

Even devotees like Vikku Vinayakaram Mama and his brothers and other devotees like 

violinists Ganesh and Kumaresh used to go to the feet of their Guru Pradosham Mama, if 

they wanted something from Swamigal. They never used to approach Swamigal directly. If 

Pradosham Mama blessed them, then Swamigal would surely grant their wishes. That is 

how much Pradosham Mama was in sync with Swamigal. This is what has happened 

to Chithra V Subramanian too!

I have been spellbound at His infinite grace for devotees like Pradosham Mama, Pollachi 

Jayam Patti, her son Shri Chandrashekar, Thiruvannamalai Gowrishankar Mama, Rajaji 

Mama, Mecheri Pattu Sastrigal, Ramadurai Mama, Ramanathan Chettiar Mama, Smt 

Kamala Gourishankar Mami and her husband and many, many others, countless of them, 

when He was in the Sthoola Shariram.

I was not there physically to witness His grace upon the devotees mentioned in the 

previous paragraph, but now I am blessed to have a ringside front seat to witness His 

magical grace upon His sweet child Chithra. I am more spellbound now, given that He is 

not in His Sthoola Shariram now.

One of the most happiest days of my life. Shankara.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

"'Tomorrow, I am going to meet all three Shankaracharyas!"

Raja told me that once my brother (Shri L Vaidyanathan) took him to Mookambika. 

My brother used to go there regularly. My brother told him, 'Even though you do not believe 

in God, you just accompany me once!'.

Raja told me once he stepped in, something happened to him and he felt some 

vibrations. Even though he was already a composer by that time, post his visit, there was a 

big change and transition in his compositions. From then on, everything he composed 

clicked with the public and his life changed. Raja then also went to Tiruvannamalai and he 

told me that after going there, whatever questions he had, got answered. Raja became 

completely spiritual and used to go to these two places from that time onwards. Raja has 

been one of my closest friends.

Once he came to my concert and told me:

"Tomorrow, I am going to meet all three Shankaracharyas. Would you like to come?"

I went with him and that is the first time I met all three of Them together! I had once 

played for the senior Shankaracharya many years back and I was shocked when He looked 

at me and immediately recognised me!

Raja and me sat with Him in the dark with just a little candle for a lot of time and Raja 

also contributed to the building of His Gopuram (top part of the Srirangam temple).


Source: Times of India

Narrated by eminent violinist Shri L Subramanian. 'Raja' is legendary music composer 

Shri Ilayaraja! The occasion was, when for the first time in the history of the 

Sri Kanchi Matam, the three Acharyas performed Vyasa puja at Kurnool in the year 1983.

Shri L Subramanian was honoured with the title 'Tantri Nada Mani' by Kanchi 

Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram in 2009.