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"Can you stay with Me for 10 days?!"

1) "Can you stay with Me for 10 days?"

"My wife and I went to Hampi to have darshan of Kanchi Swamigal who was camping there. I had His darshan at 10 am. He asked me, "For how many days are you going to stay here?”

"For three days", I replied.

He thought for a while and said, "Can you stay with Me for 10 days?"

I excused myself saying, "I have come on three days casual leave. My office will not extend it!"

The Swamigal said, “ All right you stay here for three days.”

But at 4 pm that day Swamigal told me, "In the morning when I had asked if you can to stay here for 10 days, you said you would not be able to so. Now, I want you leave for Hyderabad tonight itself!"

I was shocked to hear this from Him. Why is He asking me to leave today itself? Was something wrong with my family members back home? Such worries began to consume me.

I bid farewell to Swamigal and left, obeying Him implicitly!

I reached the railway station and cancelled my tickets which were originally for departing Hampi 3 days later. When my wife and I were talking to each other and saying we would travel in an unreserved coach, the Station Master overheard us and informed us that someone had cancelled two berths a little earlier!

He said, “If you are interested I can allot those vacant berths to you.” :)))

Oh, what to say of Swamigal's compassion for me! He had arranged two berths for us!

The next day as the train approached the suburbs of Hyderabad, we found people throwing a stones on the train. We were asked by the Travelling Ticket Examiner to pull down the wooden shutters. And stones were pelted all through the next 45 minutes until we reached Kacheguda station in Hyderabad.

When we alighted from the train we asked the locals if anything was wrong. They said that the Janata Government in Delhi had arrested Indira Gandhi at 7 pm the previous day. As Andhra Pradesh was being ruled by the Congress Party, its members were protesting!

Mrs Gandhi was arrested only at 7 pm. The Swamigal asked me to leave at 4 pm itself! And believe it or not, the trains were cancelled for the next 9 days! In the morning itself He knew that there would not be train services for 9 days and that is why He had asked us if we could stay for 10 days!

And now when I think of how my Compassionate Mother took care of me, I shudder at His mercy!"

2) "Did you not hear Swamigal call out your name?"

"On one occasion, I went, along with my wife, to Karvetnagar in Chittoor district where the Swamigal was camping.

It was evening. He was not in the camp and I was told that He had gone to a nearby village. The people told me that I could reach the village quickly if I could go through the dried fields. Otherwise, it would take a long time, if I took a circuitous route.

As I went along the narrow bunds separating the fields, I found the Swamigal returning to Karvetnagar, walking briskly on the narrow bunds. I walked along with Him to His camp.

There is a big tank in Karvetnagar. When the Swamigal was conversing with some others, I found a foreigner standing, with folded hands, on the other side of the tank. I went to him to find out from which country he had come.

Even as I was talking to him, my wife came running and asking, “Did you not hear Him calling you, Ganesan, Ganesan...?”

Shankara, what blessings!

I immediately returned to where the Swamigal was.

He asked me, “What do you propose to have for dinner?”

I replied that we had brought chapathis with us!

Endowed with great humour, He said, “You brought some chapathis because you did not expect the Sanyasi to you food for dinner?!” :)))

When I just smiled, He said, “I know you have programmed to leave early in the morning. Don’t do so. The government has deprived the Raja of Karvetnagar of the privy purse it had promised. He is now down and out. You wait till lunch time and have food in his house. And, you give him whatever you can!”

The Walking God not only provided food for me but also some money to the former Raja of Karvetnagar.

What a compassion!

3) "Swamigal raised His hand and the car stopped that very instant!"

Once I went to Nandigama, in Krishna district, in my car to have Darshan of Swamigal. I was told that He had gone to a nearby river for a bath. So, I drove my car towards the river. I had to go on an embankment. After I drove a short distance I saw the Swamigal returning along with some persons.

As the embankment was not wide enough to take a U-turn, I started to reverse the car. After few seconds, Swamigal on seeing this, raised His hand. And the car stopped at that very instant! I found agriculturists working in the nearby fields shouting and running towards me. I wondered what was wrong. When I looked back I saw that if the car had moved even an inch it would have fallen down the bund!

Soon, the farmers helped to push the car forward to safety! The Walking God had saved me by stopping my car.


I chanced to meet the richly blessed 'The Hindu' Ganesan Mama and his Mami at my wife's cousin's 60th wedding celebrations at Hyderabad on July 29th, 2015 and boy, did I get a treasure!

Mama was the reporter of The Hindu based out of Hyderabad and had interacted with Swamigal for almost 30 years!

In the picture are Mama and Mami with my wife and myself!

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Veda Patashalas and Goshalas needing our help!

List of Veda Patashalas and Goshalas

Veda Patashalas

1) Thogur Veda Patashala

I just spoke to Shri Makarabhushanam Mama #2 in the list. He told me that Mahaswamigal blessed him to go to his guru's place and start the Veda Patashala, without seeking out money. And that he will be in 'Parama Kshemam'! He has been doing it from 1978.

Please send a check addressed to Shri Makarabhushanam and mail it to

Shri N. Makarabhushanam
Jemineeya Sama Veda Patashala,
Tanjore District,
Tamil Nadu --- 613102

Here are the online transfer details for Shri N. Makarabhushanam Thogur Veda Patashala:

A/C holder name --- N. Makarabhushanam

FSC code CIUB 0000081
a/c 08100 10003 07655
Kumbakonam City Union Bank 
Thogur branch 613102

2) Chidambaram Veda Patashala

Spoke to Shri Sabapathi Dikshidar. He mentioned that they started the Patashala in June 2012 and have 9 students now. He said when he went to Mahaswamigal to get His blessings for his Upanayanam, Swamigal showered His grace by giving him a Poorrnaphalam Matta Thengai and told him, "do your Adhyayanam properly and you will be blessed!".

Please write a check addressed to his father, Shri KM Ganeshamurthi and mail it to

6/52 Raghevendra Flats
F2 First floor,
North Car Street,
Chidambaram 608001
Tamil Nadu

Here are the online transfer details for Shri Sabapathi Deekshitar in Chidambaram

A/C holder name --- KM Ganeshamurthi (his father)
Bank a/c number --- 11040290790
Bank --- State Bank of India SBI

South Car Street, Chidambaram.

IFS Code --- SBIN 0000823

"Had a short conversation with Shri Makarabhushanam mama of Thogur. Some useful details: He has at present six resident vedic students as per our Gurukula system. Each adhyaayi spends an average of 9 years in the Gurukulam to master the Sukthas, Brahmanas and Grihyasutras.

He maintains 11 cows - 7 of which are milk-yielding, in a traditional Goshaala. He uses the milk, dung etc. obtained from the cows tended in the Goshaala only, for all the Gurukulam's needs and doesn't procure them from outside. The cost of feeding these cows averages Rs. 12k per month."

3) Nochiam Ashrama Veda Patashala and Goshala

4) KALAVAI GURUPAKAMPARA VEDA PATASHALA, Here, around 20-25 vidyarthees are studying vedas. I recently did annadanam on my wedding day and it was awesome experience to serve them and also have food with them. They did a small pooja to Mahaperiyava and also neivedhyam was done and then we are also allowed to serve food. You can contibute money/rice/food items to them. You can reach them @ Address: 77/78, Rajaji Nagar 2nd Cross St, Sadasivam Nagar, Madipakkam, Ch - 91. Contact: R Chandrasekara Ganapadigal - 9790836426.

5) With the blessings of Sri Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, a Public Charitable Trust, Kalavai Guruparampara Veda Vidya Trust (KGVVT), was formed in the year 1996 with the sole objective of preservation and fostering of Vedic studies – The tradition of oral recitation of Vedas.

The trust has been running Patasalas at Kalavai, Mylapore and Chromepet. Nearly 93 Vidyarthis are pursuing the Vedic studies and in addition we are providing them Sanskrit education.

Details of Patasalas

A) No.50, Nagarathnam Colony, Mylapore, Chennai - 04

We have 23 students studying Krishna Yajur Veda under 1 Teachers.

B) Kanchi Samajam, 13 Sankarlal Jain Street, Nehru Nagar, Chrompet, Chennai - 44

We have 42 students studying Krishna Yajur Veda under 3 Teachers
We have 17 students studying Rig Veda under one teacher.

C) No.20, Sankara Madam, Arcot Taluk, Kalavai, Vellore Dist.

We have 3 students studying Sama Veda under one teacher.

D) There is one in Madipakkam (will try to get the address)

E) Mahati Veda Patashala in MMTC Colony, Nanganallur, Madras.



Contact person: S.SIVARAJAN 044-22650484, 9840554252

7) Sri Sankara Gurukulam Acharya Vidhya Vidhya Peetam,

79, North Street, Melattur - 614 301

Tanjore District.

Adhyapakar: Sri Thiagaraja Sharma

Mobile: +91 9003428845

About 20 vidhyarthis are studying here. Both Sama and Yajur vedams are taught here. It 
seems that a donor who was taking care of the grocery needs of the Patashala to the tune 
of Rs.14,000/- a month, has suddenly stopped contributing.

I spoke to Shri Thygaraja Sharma a few days back. He said after he completed his 
Veda Adhyayanam at the age of 15, his guru took him to Kanchi Swamigal and told Him proudly, "Only this boy in my class has agreed to teach Vedas!"

To which Swamigal replied, " I am very proud of you! Mother Veda will take care of you, 
you do not worry! You have my complete blessings!"

And he started to teach Vedas at the age of 17 to a first batch of 3 boys!

He told me that checks can be drawn in the name of ' Sri Sankara Gurukulam Acharya 
Vidhya Peetam'.

Here are the online transfer details for this Patashala:


A/c.No. 05370100004395
Bank : Bank of Baroda
IFSC: BARB0MELATT (Please note that it is a zero and not the letter O)

8) Sama Vedha patasalai

Saraboji Agraharam,


Adhyapakar: Sri Sundara Srowthigal,

Mobile No. +91 9489825418

email address: 

This Veda Patashala was earlier located in Pazhaya Gudalur, near Kuttalam, Mayuram and 
recently shifted to Thiruvenkadu. Has about 10 vidhyarthis.

 Spoke to Shri Sundara Srowthigal just a few minutes back. He said he was blessed in the 
sense that his Vedas test was administered by Swamigal Himself in the year 1981 when He was camping in Gulbarga, Karnataka in His Satara Vijaya Yatra. Swamigal had given him some reward on that occasion! 

Sri Sundara Srowthigal's online transfer details:

Bank account name .--- city union bank. 

Bank account number 500101010210689. 

Bank address. no.137/87 k.s.building.pattamangala street.mayiladuthurai. nagapattinam 

Ifsc code.CIUB 0000005. 

Bank Account Name: S.SUNDARA SASTRIGAL.. 

His home address in mentioned above. The pincode is Tiruvengadu 609114

Those wishing to write checks can write them in the name of S.SUNDARA SASTRIGAL.

9) Thenambakkam Veda Patashala

For Navarathri Pooja, they usually do pooja for nine Balas

daily and totally for 81 Balas. For one Bala they require

nearly Rs 1000.

Online fund transfer details:

S.Swaminathan I.O.B Sevelimedu branch account no

094901000011993, IFSC code IOBA0000949 He can be contacted at +91 93808 72790.

10) Mylapore Veda Adhyayana Sabha

The Mylapore Veda Adhyayana Sabha was established by 

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal — fondly

 known as Paramacharyal — of the Kanchi Mutt in 1932. The

 teachers started by imparting Vedic lessons to the children

 informally. The school was formally registered in 1939.

From its inception, the school has been serving as a centre 

for religious activities. The students are required to 

attend pradoshams at Kapaleeswarar temple.

The school also offered Sanskrit lessons for free to the

general public in those days. In 1939, Dharmambal, a 

devotee of Paramacharyal, donated Rs. 3,000 to the school.

With that, the committee members purchased a land at 

Pichupillai Street, Mylapore, where the school functions now.

For more details, please contact Nandakumar 

Ganapadigal, adhyapakar, at 9444466484.

I spoke to Shri Nandakumar Adhyapakar just now and 

obtained the below online fund transfer details. He said he

 was fortunate to have a darshan of Swamigal in 1988/89. He

 too studied Vedas at this Patashala only. He mentioned that 

they do Sri Ganapati Homam on every Anusham day. Also,

 every Sunday they do Hayagreevar Homam for our welfare!

Online Transfer details:

Bank Account Name: Mylapore Vedha Adhyayana Sabha

Bank Account Number: 108301000000484

Bank: Indian Overseas Bank

IFSC Code: IOBA0001083

The address of the Patashala is:

22, Pichupillai St., Mylapore, Chennai 600004

11) Sri Mantra Peeteswari Veda Gurukulam, Kumbakonam. 

The details of this Veda Patashala are in this



12) Athur Veda Patashala, Chengalpet

We request all asthika friends to be part of this holy endeavor. We feel you and your family members have a definite role in our endeavor and look forward to your association and deeper support.

On outflow front:  The major expense categories for the Patashala and  Gohshala  are: Salary to staff, Food for men – Provisions and Vegetables, fodder for cows, Electricity, Gas, Sanitary items & upkeep, Pooja items, Veterinary Doctor Retainer Fee, Medical expenses and Conveyance.

The average cash requirement for running the present level of Patashala is about Rs. 300,000/- per month.

Support sought:  Though the expenses are currently met out of contributions from noble donors, the contributions being raised are still not adequate to cover the overall outflow fully. Still the founder continues to contribute for meeting more than 50% of the outflow through his personal funding.

In order for us to sustain our Vedhashram’s activities, we look forward to your continuous assistance in terms of offering contributions in kind or cash for the fulfillment of the objectives taken up.

Any funds may be deposited at:

Sri Chaturvedha Vidhya Ganapathi Trust

Savings account Number: 6134392479

Indian Bank, Saidapet Branch. IFSC Code: IDIB000S004

Contact person : Sri R. Kamakoti 
Phone : 98844 02624

13) Coimbatore Veda Patashala

Details awaited.

14)  Sevanikethana Veda Patashala, Bangalore

Shri Puducode Rama Iyer Ramachander says, a friend informs me that 
admissions starts for Sevaniketha Veda Patashala in Bangalore. We train the kids in Vedas and General education. They are given free lodging and boarding. If anyone is interested please contact 080-22428402 or 7899694951 (Preetham Sharma) Sevanikethana #2/1 Mount Joy -ex Hanumanthanagar Bangalore.

15) Pondicherry Veda Patshala

ஸ்ரீசந்த்ரசேகர சந்த்ரமௌலீஸ்வர வேதபாடசாலை என்ற பெயரில் பாண்டியில் புதியதாக ஒரு பாடசாலை செயல்படத் தொடங்கியுள்ளது.

தங்குமிடம், போஜன வசதி, ஆங்கிலம், கணிதம், ஹிந்தி போன்றவையும் வேதத்துடன் சேர்த்து கற்றுத் தரப்படுகிறது.

ஸமஸ்க்ருத, சாஸ்திர சிறப்பு பாடத்திட்டம்

நாம் செயல்படுத்திக் கொண்டிருக்கும் மாதம் ஒரு பாடசாலை திட்டத்தில் இந்த மாதம் பணம் அனுப்ப வேண்டிய பாட்சாலை இது தான்.


Name of the Bank : State Bank of India 

Current Account No. 36318842908

IFSC : SBIN0006842

ஸ்ரீ சந்த்ரசேகர சந்த்ரமௌலீஸ்வர வேதபாடசாலை & சாரிடபுள் ட்ரஸ்ட்
நம்பர் 5, 6-வது கிராஸ், 
ஞானப்பிரகாசம் நகர்,
பாண்டிச்சேரி 605 008


Shri Chandrashekara Chandramouliswara Veda Patashala & Charitable Trust

Number 5, 6th Cross,
Gnanaprakasam Nagar,
Pondicherry - 605 008

வாத்யார் : திரு.சுந்தரவரதசாஸ்திரிகள் 9842322400

Vedas Teacher: Shri Sundaravarada Sastrigal
Phone: 9842322400

16) Madipakkam Veda Patashala

Thanks to Shri ‎Vaithianathan Sundaram for sharing the below with us:

"Vedapatasalai in Rajaji Nagar 2nd street in India Chennai Madipakkam requires financial assistance from us for buying groceries every month. It is roughly Rs. 40000 per month excluding rice. People can contribute either in money or in buying groceries according to their capacity. I will help you all in making your contributions to reach to them directly.

There are 25 students studying here and 5 staffs. Person who are giving the money directly at the padasalai can do and contact Ganapadigal Mr. Chandrasekaran is the person looking now. His no. 9790836426.
People who are ready can send and spread the same to their friends.Those who are transferring to the below account can do so and contact Mr. Ram 9444905521 who is taking care of the trust account.It is the source of funds for the other padasalas in Madipakkam, Chrompet, Kanchipuram and Kalavai etc.

The details of the bank is given below:

Kalavai Guruparampara Veda Vidya Trust, Indian Bank, Adayar Branch, SB A/c. 439536475, Ifsc code: IDIB000A002.
The monthly expenses for 1 vidhyarthi is Rs5000/- and the yearly expenses for 1 vidhyarthi is Rs. 60000/-. Those who are willing to sponsor can transfer to the account and inform Mr. Ram for receipt.
You can tell my name to both.
Let's us do some kainkaryam to veda inorder to protect it which in turn will protect the mankind.
Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.


Vaithianathan (Madipakkam) - 9884004856"


Kalavai Guruparampara Trust
Doing Kaikaryam to Veda is doing service to humanity.
Here's a chance to do Veda Rakshana as said by Sri Mahaperiyava in Deivathin Kural.
With the divine blessings of Periyavas the Kalavai Guruparampara Trust runs vedapatasalai across 9 locations with around 200 students vidyarthis studying and several other persons.

Money for meeting the running expenses which is huge and Groceries for the vedapatasalai are required from us.

1. K G V V T N.V.Ram - 09444905521 - TRUSTEE

2. KGVVT’s Vedic learning Centers Contact Persons (Vedic Teachers)
 KALAVAI , North Arcot Dist, Tamil Nadu Sri. K Prabhu - 09790622012
 LITTLE KANCHIPURAM, Tamil Nadu Sri. Yugandar – 09884163241
 SOUTH MADA St., Lt Kanchipuram Sri Shyamsundar Avadhani 9490211072
 CHROMRPET, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Sri. Sivakumar - 09444139934
 MADIPAKKAM, Chennai , Tamil Nadu Sri. Chandrsekaran - 09790836426
 KUMARAN KUNDRAM, Chromepet,Tamil Nadu Sri Ramakrishnan - 09940105814
 UDAYAMBAKKAM, Chenglepet, Tamil Nadu Sri Gurubalaji - 07200404591
 THIRUVISANALLUR, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu Sri Lakshminarasimahn - 09443969322
 VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh Sri Narayanan Sastri - 09246206873

Those who are transferring to the below account can do so and contact Mr. Ram 9444905521 who is taking care of the trust account.

It is the source of funds for the other padasalas in Madipakkam, Chrompet, Kanchipuram and Kalavai etc. The details of the bank is given below:

Kalavai Guruparampara Veda Vidya Trust, Indian Bank, Adayar Branch, SB A/c. 439536475, Ifsc code: IDIB000A002.

The monthly expenses for 1 vidhyarthi is Rs5000/- and the yearly expenses for 1 vidhyarthi is Rs. 60000/-.

Let's us do some kainkaryam to veda inorder to protect it which in turn will protect the mankind.

Let's remember Sri Periyava and Veda Matha by contributing according to our capacity.

Also let us spread this message to everyone to involve in this noble cause.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.




1) Thiruvallur Goshala

We have been maintaining our Gou Shalaa for the last Five

years. The Gou Shala which started with around eleven 

cows is now having 78 cows.We all know the sacred and 

importance, both from religious dimension and also from the 

social dimension, of  maintaining the native breed cows, the 

great wealth of our land to be nurtured for the welfare of 

nature and also the posterity.

In this way, by the grace of the Almighty and the blessings of 

Sri. Sri. Kanchi Mahaperiavaal and all the elders, we have 

been quite successful in maintenance of the Goushala, 

against all hardships during all these five years.

But in the recent days and the objective situations are really 

challenging and the difficulties being faced by us are day by 

day increasing and we appeal all the good hearted people to 

extend their generous helping hand in view of the importance

in the noble cause that could never set a discouraging 

example for all the people who truly come forward to take up 

such service initiatives.

In this regard we earnestly request donations and if possible

material assistance in whatever way possible for the 

following needs at our Gou shala.


1. Haystack Rs. 46,000/- Per Month

2. Oil cakes, Rey, Bran, and other feeds Rs. 38,000/- Per 


3. Fodder Crop Rs. 24,000/- Per Month

4. Water Rs. 5,500/- Per Month

5. Electricity Charges Rs. 2,500/- Per Month

6. Workers, 2 females and 4 males Rs. 60,000/- Per Month

7. Miscellaneous (medicines, nutrients etc.) Rs. 7.500/- Per


8. Gou Pooja (weekly and on auspicious days) Rs. 6,200/-

 Per Month

TOTAL Rs. 1,86,200 Per Month




1. Repairs, Modification and renovation of existing Cow shed

27’/35’ that is approx 950 SqFt (For 20 cows) Rs. 1,10,000/-


2. New Cow shed 42’/25’ 1050 Sq Ft ( For 20 cows)

(Brick walls, Sheet metal roofing, with provisions for feeding, 

watering and Rough flooring) Rs. 2,31,000/- (approx)

3. Construction of Well

(of depth up to 45’ and diameter of 15’ with cement inner

 cover) Rs. 3,70,000/- (approx)

We earnestly and very humbly request all the wide hearted 

people to consider the appeal as some of the very 

emergency needs to be met with and come forward and to

contribute suitably to help in any of the above according to 

their affordability and convenience.

Thanking you,



Note: please donate to our account:


ACCOUNT NO: 1743172000001135


MICR CODE NO: 60003059


Some of the pictures were taken on Akshaya Thrithiyai on

 21.04.2015 – the day one has to do “Dhaanam”.

 R.Viswanathan Charitable Trust donated cattle feed to a 

Goshala maintained by “Sri Krishnaamrutham Public

 Charitable Trust” at Devandavakkam Village,

Uthukottai Taluk, Thiruvallur District 602023. Cows, Bulls and

 Calves totaling 85 are being maintained there. Out of which

 only 5 cows give milk. Many of these were on supposed to 

be their last journey (to slaughter houses) and were stopped, 

and brought here by Sri.R.V.Natarajan, who is maintaining 

this Goshala. He is maintaining this very neatly.

He can be reached on 9444074744, 8940224744

2) Nalgonda Goshala

Actually I wanted to let you know about the Mattapalli Sri Rajyalaxmi Sametha Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Kshetram which is situated in Nallakunta (Nalgonda) District of Telangana on the banks of River Krishna.
I am one of the frequent visitors of this temple. Mr Krishnamurthy, from Chennai is in charge there.
They have a big Goshala with about 60 cows in the

temple, and they are looking for donations for feeding them. They are looking for sponsors who can donate 
Rs.5000/-. This will be collected from 365 people for this

year only. Whoever donates, they can choose a date, either could be their birthday or wedding day and 
the temple will perform Abhishekham and send prasadams.

This comes under the Mukkur Sri Lakshmi

Narasimhachari Trust.

Here are the online details:
A/c Name : Sri Swati Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust
A/c No: 001 9100 110 26762
IFSC Code ANDB0000019 
Andhra Bank 
Ashok Nagar Branch

Anybody contributing to the Goshala, may pay the donation through the above online transfer or may send a check or DD addressed to 'Sri Swathi Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust' and write a covering letter to Mr Krishnamurthy (address is below), who is incharge in Mattapalli, giving details of the day being chosen for the Abhishekam in Mattapalli and also your home address to receive the Prasadams.

Mr Krishnamurthy's Contact No. Is 94406 57333.


Sri Swathi Narasimha Maha Yagna Trust

Old No 24/ New No 34 Venkatesan Street

T-Nagar Chennai 600017 Tamil Nadu

Phone: 044 – 24353704 / Mobile: 9444 909132

3) Namma Sampradaya Goshala

Greetings from Namma Sampradaya Charitable and Education Trust.

Further to the appeal made by the trust, we are indeed thankful and indebted to you for your kind offer of assistance to the Goshala. In the city of Bangalore, it was becoming increasingly difficult to make these arrangements, and your assistance has been god sent for us. We will try and seek help on how we can transport the hay to the goshala in Bangalore. I will call you this week end regarding the same.

Donations can be made in Indian Rupees in any branch of Vijaya Bank in India or NEFT, favouring:
Account Name: Namma Sampradaya Charitable and Education Trust

Vijaya Bank, Whitefield Branch

S.B.Account No.
1292 0101100 1107
I F S C  Code-  V I J B 0 0 0 1 2 9 2

Bus Stop Name: Chowdenahalli (After dommasandara Circle).

342F From Majestic

342A /342AA from KR Market

Many Private Buses from KR Market

342R from Shivajinagar

G3 from Brigade Road/MG Road

C3 from Big Circle (ORR)

Just ask for the Namma Sampradaya Ashrama in Katriguppe. From the chowdenahalli bus 

stop it is around 15 minutes walk.

Thank you for the same, and we pray for the well being of your family and peace, happiness and prosperity for all.

4) Venkatapuram Goshala

It is near Poondy reservoir. It is located at about 15 kms from

the Neyveli (Thiruvallur) Agneeswarar temple further 

up towards Oothukottai. We have to take a diversion 

towards left (West) from the main road at Katchur junction. 

Venkatapuram Goshala is having 250+ cattles mainly bulls 

and buffalos.

Please check this lovely link


5) Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Goshala & Research Centre

 (SLVGRC) . Registered Trust, NGO 

(Non Governmental Organization), SLVGRC, Surabhi

No.131, C.T.H. Road, Avadi, Chennai - 600054 (Tamil Nadu -


6) Goshala located at Puzhal, North Chennai, run by

 Sevakapati Das.

7) Panchavadi Gosala is located in two grounds site at 

Kolathur Village which is 2 kms from Mambakkam, a 

junction located in the Vandalur - Kelambakkam GST Road. 

It is roughly about 30 kms from Chennai City.

8) Chaturveda Vidya Ganapathi Vedashram - Shukla Yajur 

Veda Patasala and goshala, Athur, Chengalpattu

9) Govindan Goshala in Madurantakam

Govindan Goshala in Madurantakam, blessed by

 Mahaswamigal and HH Mettur Swamigal!

As ordained by and with the Divine Blessings of Kanchi 

Mahaswamigal , Govindan Goshala has been established 

and is located at Gudalur Village, near Madurantakam. 

Madurantakam is where the famous “Aeri Kaththa Ramar” temple is situated. The distance from Chennai is about 80 kms on the Chennai- Trichy Highway(NH 45)

Govindan Goshala is an attempt to recreate the interest in 

cows and help people involve themselves in Goseva.

An area of 65 acres has been acquired for the Goshala.

From a small beginning of 10 cows in 2004, the Goshala 

now has about 100 cows and bulls and about 100 calves 

almost all of them born in our Goshala over the last 8 years. 

All the cows are of native Chengleput breed and most of them were bought from farmers before being sold for slaughter. 

Necessary infrastructure like water wells, sheds etc have 

been developed. About 2500 trees have been planted 

and water conservation measures like check dams have 

been built. 

About 30 acres are to be utilized for natural grazing

and fodder will be grown in 30 acres so that green fodder is available throughout the year. The entire area will be under 

organic cultivation.

Important visitors and Blessings

The Goshala was blessed by Her Holiness AMMALU

AMMAL of Kumbakonam. A great Saint in the DASA 

tradition, She was a great devotee of Lord Krishna and 

Panduranga. Her entire life was dedicated to serving The 

Lord and Her Divine outpourings contain the essence of the 

Vedas. She was held in very high esteem by none other than 

The Paramacharya of Kanchi. She has visited the Goshala a 

few times and We seek HER continued Blessings for running the Goshala.






TRUST and IT exemption under Sec 80G is available

 for contributions to the trust.

10) Sri Jayam Goshala in Mayavaram

This is located at Kshetrapalapuram near Thirumanancheri

 /Thiruvelvikkudi/  Mayiladuthurai.

11)  Neelangarai Goshala

As discussed I am sending some details about Dr. Sadhna Rao who is more than 75 years old and even in rain or sun, takes care of the cows as a mission sacrificing all her money, her assets and even her jewels at times to run this goshala . I used to contribute some money every month but due to current business situation I am not able to help out.  \
She needs lot of help and any thing that our members can contribute can help those hapless animals spend rest of their days in a shelter and food.

If you can find some time I will take her to you. Her bank details are:
Andhra Bank,
Neelangarai branch
s.b.account no.132710100033564
ifsc code no.ANDB0001327.

Though she is FRCS and studied abroad, as per Mother's(pondicherry Aurobindo Ahsram) instructions, she devotes her time entirely to this cause.

Since she has very little help and not net savvy, members after sending money can send a letter to her at:
Indian Institute of Animal Welfare
no.3 9th South Cross street
Kapaleeswarar Nagar
Chennai 600041.

Contributions can get 80g exemption.

12) Madipakkam Ghoshala

There are couple of cows and calves at Madipakkam maintained by one of our friends. He is a very humble person and has come to us if we can help him by anyways for maintaining the cows. As we all are well aware that " Gho samrakshana is equal to mathru/pithru samrakshana" if we can extend our arms to help him by anyways, it would be great help.. As our Kanchi Mahaperiyava repeatedly insisted about Gho samrakshana and Vedha Samrakshana , we have now an opportunity to utilise. Any one who wish to visit in person, may give a call and visit to see the cows and calves . This way we can encourage Gho samrakshana by all possible means.

R.Ramani No 151 third cross Street Thilakar Avenue Balaiah Garden Madipakkam, Madras.

Phone 9940059130
Bank details for transfer:

R Uma ICICI 103901511098

Madipakkam branch
IFSC code ICIC0001039

Thanks to Smt 
Venkatalakshmi Gokul for details about this Madipakkam Ghoshala.

13) Alambadi Goshala (Erode Shri Karthikeyan)

KG Krishnan I request you to help for the below Alambadi Calf in Slaughter House now.
Need to rescue
Rs. 8000/-
Temporarily stopped.
Waiting for donor.
After Rescue, I am going to keep this in our Goshala for Alambadi Breeding.
Please consider and help.
Our representative Sri. Karthikeyan from Erode in field. His Mobile Number : 8148135081.
Looking support from Gho Bakthas.
Sathiya Narayanan Sastry K,


Bank Name : Bank Of India,
Branch: Chromepet,
A/c No: 823720110000376,
A/c Type: Current,
IFSC: BKID0008237

Will update this page as and when I get info about any new Patashala or Goshala.

Thanks a ton to everyone for helping out in this area which are so dear to our Acharyas!