Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our Umbrella for the Summer of our Lives!

When there is Unbearable Heat we rush to the Shade
When Rains are pouring from the Skies we seek an Umbrella

When there is Unbearable Pain we rush to the Cool Shade beneath our Acharyas' Umbrella

But, when there is Pain or Happiness, Rain or Shine, Joy or Sorrow, let us always be Ensconced and firmly Rooted in His Shade.

And never come out of It. For only That is the Real Thing!

Here is a collection of lovely pictures where in some of them, blessed people hold colourful Umbrellas for our Acharyas!

Will add more pictures to this page as and when I find Them.

The below exquisite Umbrella picture is from the Anusham Pooja celebrations from the home of Shri Hariharan,