Friday, March 31, 2017

Kanchi Sri Matam Events --- April 2017!

April 1st to 3rdVasanta Navaratri Poojas 2017
April 4th - TuesdaySri Rama Navami 2017
April 5th - WednesdaySri Rama Pattabhishekam 2017
April 8th - SaturdayPradosham Pooja
April 10th- MondayPournami Pooja
April 14th - FridayTamil (Hevilambi) Varusha Pirappu New Year 2017
April 15th - SaturdayAnusham Pooja 2017(Time is from 10:46 AM on April 14 to 1:40 PM on April 15)
April 24th - MondayPradosham Pooja
April 30th - SundaySri Adi Sankara Jayanthi 2017
April 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th - FridaySukravara Pooja

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

"Orissa Government not protecting lands belonging to Puri Govardhan Mutt and Temples!", says Puri Shankaracharya!

Puri Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati on Thursday March 23rd, 2017, slammed the Orissa state government for failing to protect lands of Mutts, Temples and other religious institutions. His outburst coincided with the government forming a nine-member committee to probe alleged land usurpation in and around Swargadwar crematorium.

"Government never accorded due priority to temples and Mathas. Neglect of the government and collusion of government officials with land mafias resulted in the usurpation of hundreds of acres of land of Goverdhan Matha and properties of other temples", He said.

Gobardhan Mutt, the seat of the Shankaracharya of Puri, on Tuesday alleged that huge patches of land belonging to the Mutt have been illegally encroached upon and demanded the state government to evict the encroachers from the land.

The Mutt also alleged that several hotels and commercial buildings have been constructed over the land used as 'samadhi pithas' (burial ground) for Monks of the Mutt.

"Initially the Mutt had around 16 acres and 400 decimal of land in its name. But over the years only five acres are with the Mutt. Some hotel owners and businessmen in nexus with the government officers encroached upon large portion of the mutt's area and have constructed buildings. We have brought this to the notice of the authorities several times but no action is being taken," said Manoj Rath, spokesperson of the Mutt.

He said, despite Odisha high court's order to clear encroachment from two patches of land nothing has action has been taken. "There were also evidences that some patches of land were sold using forged documents and without taking permission of the mutt. But surprisingly the government is sitting over the matter," said Rath.

The Mutt also sought autonomous status from state government like other three Mutts of Shankaracharya in the country including Shringeri, Dwaraka and Badrinath.

"Unlike other three mutts of Shankaracharya, Gobardhan Peeth of Puri has been managed as per Jagannath Temple Act and Endowment Act. We demand the government to grant autonomous status to the Mutt," Rath added.


Source: Times of India

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sringeri Swamigal recalls century old links between Sringeri Mutt and Madurai!

One could understand the relationship and connection of Sringeri Mutt with Madurai for over several hundred years, with the Mutt functioning from the Sannadhi Street of Sri Meenakashi Amman Temple, here in Madurai, said Sri Sringeri Mutt Pontiff Sri Bharati Tirtha Swamigal when He visited the Sringeri Mutt on the Madurai By-Pass Road on Monday March 27th 2017.

He spoke about the presence of the Sringeri Mutt for over hundreds of years and the previous Swamigals who gave discourses and Anugraha bhashanam from the Mutt. He also mentioned about the similarity of performing pooja to Lord Chandramouleeswarar in the temple as well in the Sringeri Mutt.

In the Anugraha Bhashanam, Sri Swamigal said that there must be always devotion, dedication in following one’s Guru’s (teacher’s) advice, which He had been maintaining. Similarly, Bharathi Tirtha Swamigal after introducing the Junior Pontiff HH Vidushekara Bharati Swamigal of the Sringeri Mutt, said, "The amount of respect, bhakthi and devotion which I have had showed towards my Guru has been reciprocated to me by the Junior Acharya (Sri Vidhushekara Swamigal); this shows the unity of Guru and Sishya”.

Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Swamigal that He had been camping in the Mutt in Madurai to perform Maha Rudram and Satha Chandi yagna and also to perform Sri Chandra Mouleeswara Pooja. He asked the people to always lead their lives in the path of right action and perform always Dharma.

In His discourse, the Junior Pontiff Sri Vidhushekara Swamigal said that it is the bounden duty of a student (sishya) to follow the advice of Gurus and perform duties (teacher). One should understand thoroughly what is being told in Shastras and should not give up merely by saying that they could not understand them, Sri Vidhushekhara Swamigal underlined.

According to the Mutt sources, from today (Tuesda March 28th) to April 2, both the Achayars perform Sri Chandra Mouleeswara Pooja in mornings at 7.30 and in evenings at 8. Paadha Poojas are held in mornings at 10 and the discourse and Anugraha Bhashanam will take place at 5 pm every day.

Secretary of the Sringeri Mutt Shri Sankaranarayanan and the Mutt’s incharge Shri Srinivasa Raghavan welcomed both the Sringeri Acharyas with Poorna Kumbham on Monday evening.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vasantha Navarathri 2017 Drawings and Alankarams!

Vasantha Navarathri started on March 27th, 2017 and here are a few exquisite drawings and alankarams. The first beautiful drawing of Ambal and Kanchi Mahaswamigal is by Uma Somayajilu. The lovely second and the last alankarams have been done by Meena Kumar. The third alankaram of Bala from the top is from the home of Nurani Subramanian Srinivasan, so captivating it is. The incredible drawing of Rajashyamala, fourth from the top, is by Sowmya Subramanian!

Madurai Meenakshi Amman by Uma Somayajilu and Akhilandeshwari by Sowmya Subramanian in Their Regal Splendor for Vasantha Navarathri Day 2.

The above three: Spectacular drawings of Mahalakshmi by Uma Somayajilu and Sowmya Subramanian. The last one is an incredible drawing by Sudhan Kalidas of Gayathri Devi and Kanchi Mahaperiyava.

Above two drawings. Beautiful Maha Saraswathi by Uma Somayajilu and Kanchi Kamakshi Amman and Kanchi Mahaperiyava by Sowmya Subramanian.

Few words about Sowmya's drawing --- This should be framed and magnified to 10 feet by 15 feet and placed in those big walls of Louvre museum in Paris. 10 chairs must be placed before this Art and people should sit and enjoy this beauty for atleast 30 minutes. Shankara.


The above three: Exquisite drawings of Maha Durga, Sringeri Sharadamba and Kanchi Kamakshi by Uma Somayajilu, Sowmya Subramanian and Sudhan Kalidas, respectively.

The below one is Madura Kaliamman by Sowmya Subramanian:

The below exquisite drawings are Bala by Sowmya Subramanian, Bala and Durga by Uma Somahajilu, Alankarams by Meena Kumar and at the home of Narayanan Rangarajan respectively and Goddess Saraswathi by Sowmya Subramanian.

More spectacular drawings for the occasion of Rama Navami below. The first one is by Sowmya Subramanian and the second one is by Uma Somayajilu.

The below exquisite alankaram of Bala is from the home of Arthi Ganesh.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Ilayathangudi Periyava Aradhana pooja!

Lord Nandikeshwara watching the Vibhuti Holy Ash Abhishekam for Ilayathangudi Periyava during His Aradhana function yesterday March 27th, 2017, to sounds of Holy Rudram in the background!

Ilayathangudi Periyava is the 65th Shankaracharya of Kanchi HH Mahadevendra Saraswati Swamigal.

Thanks to Kicha Kasi for this lovely video.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pradosham Magic by Shri Narayanan Bala!

அன்னையும் நீயே என்

தந்தையும் நீயே அருள்மிகு

குருவும் நீயே லோகமாதா

காமாக்ஷியும் நீயே.

என்னைக் கடைத்தேற்ற வந்தனை இவ்வுலகில்

கண்ணிருந்தும் குருடனானேன் காணவில்லை உன்னுருவம்

கைகளிருந்தும் தொழுதேனில்லை நின்பாத சரணம்

முந்தை வினையின் விளையாட்டோ அறிகிலேன் ஐயனே

கடைத்தேற வழியொன்று சொல்வாய் என் குருநாதா

அடைக்கலம் புகுந்தேன் ஆட்கொள்வாய் தெய்வமே

நின்பாத சரணம் பற்றி சொல்வேன் தினமும்

ஜய ஜய சங்கரா! ஹர ஹர சங்கரா!

This beautiful poem is also penned by the incredibly talented artist Shri Narayanan Bala! He has drawn Kanchi Mahaperiyava for today March 25th 2017's Shani Pradosham day.

Shankara. How beautiful is that drawing.
And how beautiful are his words.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

From Pollachi to Portland... --- Anusham Pooja from around the World!

Anusham pooja being done by Children in Portland, US.

Anusham Pooja done by Children in Portland, US.

These are some stunning pictures of Kanchi Mahaperiyava's birthstar Anusham pooja performed on March 18th, 2017, from around the World. I apologize that I am unable to mention the names of the devotees, as there are too many pictures. But I have not forgotten those Special Children from Portland in Oregon, US who themselves did the Pooja and they are mentioned in two pictures above.