Thursday, August 24, 2017

Give Skins of Bananas used for Panchamrutham to Ghoshalas! --- Bala Periyava! Why?

Inspired by Shirdi Baba, I have started a programme on my own to make Banaras cows Banana cows and not Plastic cows at Kasi as HOD of Dept of Cardiology in Banaras Hindu University, since 33 crore Devathaas are residing in the cows.

I have inspired all marriage caterers in Benaras to collect the skins of the bananas and give to the stray cows as well as ghoshalaa cows so that milk will not become white poison. More over it is rich in minerals, vitamins and fibres.  When we buy bananas we give money for both skin and inner portion of the fruit. On children’s day at Benaras I gave 1500 bananas to children of Kendriya Vidyalaya and made them celebrate banana day by eating them and collecting the skins and gave to all stray cows.

If we could motivate all children in all schools to eat one banana at school for lunch and collect and give the skins to ghoshaalas,  cows get nutrients and children develop empathy for cows. Children will become happy and soft and gentle since banana has lot of serotonin which makes mind calm. Banana improves memory and intelligence. The Keralites who use bananas have very high IQ.

In my recent visit to Kanchi Mutt I made a humble presentation of my humble idea to HH Sri Bala Periyava. He immediately gave instructions that all the skins of bananas used for panchaamrtham in Mutt must be collected and given to the ghoshaala!

Just imagine if all the hundred crores people eat bananas in this country which has more nutrient value than apples which coming from abroad thereby  losing all its nutients in transit! Our farmers will be benefitted, our chidren and cows will be healthy, cost of taking care of cows will be less and the World will become a neat place!

Cow’s milk will be very nutritive. I wish to start banana movement in every school by everybody. There is no need to have wax coated apples which sap our country’s foreign exchange and produce cancer, since it undergoes gamma radiation for long shelf life.

I pray to Kanchi Paramacharya to inspire everyone to do it for greater benefit of our nations’s health and wealth!


Shared by Smt Geetha Subramanian who is spearheading such a Noble Deed! What an inspiring task she has undertaken! Shankara.