Friday, January 29, 2016

Sudhan Kalidas' brilliant Drawings!

Pencil sketches by Sudhan Kalidas. He had started to draw Kanchi Swamigal from March of last year only and since then, he has been maddeningly consumed with Him! Since then, not a day has passed when he did not draw Him and so far he has completed over a Hundred Drawings of Swamigal!

He is a very simple and devoted person. He has even donated one of kidneys to his brother in law 5 years back, that is the kind of person he is!

How I wished Swamigal had seen them when He was in His Sthoola Shariram. Oh, to look at the Happiness in His face!

Words are a Waste to describe these Drawings. These must be  framed and kept in a Temple for an Eternity.

Enjoy, Everyone!


This last One is Sudhan's favourite, he says! Shankara. Goosebumps.