Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Secret to ward off Unfavourable things in Life!

When the powers of Nature are unfavourable to us, is there a way to change their behaviour and make them favourable to us? Is there also a means by which our mind could be brought under control when it goes haywire?

If everything is caused by vibration, by sound, there must be a way of making the forces of nature favourable to us and of purifying our mind and bringing it under control through this very sound.

The Vedas constitute such Sound.


Thanks to Sage of Kanchi Page in Facebook for these precious words of Kanchi Mahaperiyava.

This goes to show that bad things can be changed, by constantly reciting sacred words like Rama, Rama or Shiva Shiva or chanting prayers, Vedas etc with lot of Devotion and Faith and doing thus, can indeed overturn the bad effect of the vibrations that emanate from unfavourable things of Nature.

How beautifully explained by Him!



  1. Whenever one reads What MahaPeriava has said about everything in this universe, be them remedies, good ways to live life, how to wash off our sins etc. the confidence level of our mind increases multi fold and gives a new lease of life. We are all fortunate to have lived when He took His Avatar. But fo those who were born later also, H e lives in 'Deyvathin Kural' and guides us in every moment of our life. Let us all surrendered at His Lotus feet; He is none other than Sri Krishna Bhagavan !

  2. Jaya Jaya Sankara ...Exactly thinking about this for d past several days .. Especially abt chanting Rama Nama ..Very nice share Anna