Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Yes, he is a Waste and I am the Waste Bin!"

A person came for Kanchi Periyava's darshan. This person saw a boy from his village serving in the Matam and started saying: "Ha, this chap is here. He is a 'waste'. He is a good for nothing fellow. He was roaming the streets and now he has come here!"
That ticked off Periyava. He started off thus:
"Yes he is a Waste and I am the Waste bin. All waste get dumped here. But don't forget that from the waste the creepers, plants grow and give us tasteful vegetables, fruits and flowers."
"Ash gourd, Kurukkathi (a flower), Kuppaimeni (a herb) grow in Waste. And when you stir the waste, out comes insects and worms that harm you and you have done just that"!
The person was shaken by the outburst and offered his apology.

The beautiful Kurakkathi flower. (Kurukkathi - Madhavi  - Hiptage benghalensis;  Woody climber with seeds. Source:

Kuppaimeni Herb:

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