Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Chanting Sahasra Gayathri alone will repay your indebtedness to Me!

I took my daughter to have darshan of Kanchi Mahaperiyava. Though He was laid up with high temperature He gave me darshan, and enquired about the health of my daughter. I burst into a tempest of tears for His mercy, compassion, kindness and divine blessings.

He then instructed me to perform Sahasra Aavrti (1000) Gayatri Japa, every Sunday and avoid discussing politics which would invariably involve turning the mind away from things spiritual. He said that my performance of Gayatri Japa alone would repay my indebtedness. For some months afterwards I obeyed His command with implicit faith and earnestness and switched over doing Gayatri Japa every day instead of only on Sundays!

In another incident I went to Satara in Maharashtra, where the Paramacharya was camping. Around 3.00 AM in the wee hours of the morning the Paramacharya sent for me and asked me to recite Dhayana Sloka of the sacred Gayatri, which I did it trembling within myself!

For nearly 30 minutes, the great Sage gave a rich annotation, and instructed me to etch it in my mind while performing the Japa! I however confessed that being too small, mired in profound ignorance it would be difficult for me to capture the picture of sacred Gayatri, as it was expounded, but I enthroned the lotus feet of Mahaperiaval in the inner recesses of my heart while doing the Japa. 

He displayed His benign and divine smile. It was an epochal event in my life. He aroused and awakened my sensibility and sensitivity to the glory and greatness of sacred Gayatri!

I too break into a Tempest of Tears everytime I read this.

Narrated exquisitely from the Heart by Shri CN Kuppuswamy, what an incomprehensible blessing for him! 

Let us all take a vow do the Gayathri Japam this way, from tomorrow, without fail! And let us do it like how our Acharyas are doing it in the above pictures.

A very blessed Avani Avittam and Gayathri Japam Day to Everyone.


  1. Namaskarams. Guruvaram Pournami and Shravana Avittam Nalil Acharyarhalai darisanam ennai pondravarhal irundha idathil irundhae darisanam seidhu mihavum sandhosham adaindhaen. (being Rheumatoid arthritis patient) Mahaperiyavalin Anugraham.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara !

    1. Very happy for you Smt Santha Vasan! I pray that you get cured of your Arthritis. Shankara.

  2. Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara