Sunday, August 21, 2016

She felt a 'Fernweh' to visit Thenambakkam!

I have never had Darshan of Kanchi Mahaperiyava's padhukas and we were wondering how to get to know Pradosham Mama's residence address in Kanchipuram where they said a Padhuka is kept. I believe Paramacharya heard my request I guess and made that darshan available to us at Thenambakkam. 

Here are Swamigal's Padhukas in a beautiful Golden case. He had used these padhukas when He used to stay at Thenambakkam and left them there. We have never seen it on our earlier visits here. It must have been under lock and key. Even a subtle thought, wish is answered by Paramacharya. Reason enough for all our thoughts and prayers to be Noble. Is it not?


How beautiful.

Narrated by a good friend who dashes to Thenambakkam (it is about 10 kms from Kanchi) at the drop of her hat! She always likes to be Anonymous. She says, "Even before I went there for the first time, I felt a 'Fernweh'. It is a German word and it means a longing to go to a place where we have never been. A magnetic force attracting us. So true of Thenambakkam for me personally. Very apt for anything to do with Paramacharya."

Here are some beautiful pictures she had clicked there.

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