Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Panchavadi Goshala

Panchavadi Gosala feels strong divine presence, vibration, and blessings of many yogis & mahans of our times; Puyja Sri Yogi Ram Surat Kumar, Pujya Sri HH Kanchi Maha Periyava & present Aacharyas, Pujya Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, and Pujya Sri Krishna Premi Anna. 

Pujya Sri Muralidhara Swamigal is the spiritual guide and philosopher for Smt. Mataji. Listed below are Seva options on how we can support Panchavadi Gosala. Apart from these Seva options, whatever contribution one makes (even minuscule) to support these Gho Mathas will be blessed by these Mahans.

1. Gho Dhanam – 

                        According to our Sastras, no other deed is considered more meritorious (noble) than doing Gho Dhanam. The donor can bring a cow and leave her in Panchavadi Gosala bearing her maintenance expenses of Rs. 1500 per month. They can also at was rescued; contributing to the cost of the cow (depends on various factors like when it was secured, age, weight, etc.), and its monthly maintenance expenses. Gho Matha gets adopted in the name of donor’s choice and Panchavadi Gosala takes care of her throughout her life. A certificate is issued in donor’s name and gets published in Panchavadi Gosala's web site.   This is done for transparency and as a token of appreciation. 

2. Gho Samrakshanam -

 Without adopting, contribute Rs. 1500 for the monthly maintenance of a Gho Matha. A certificate will be issued as a token of appreciation & recognition.

Contribute Rs. 1 a day or Rs. 365 per year. Goes a long way in sharing the burden off  Panchavadi Gosala in many ways.

Help sponsor Gho Matha Medicines/Vaccination on need basis. 

3. Gho Bhojan -

Sponsor for Gho Matha's food for a day/week/month/year. The cost depends on how many Gho Mathas we want to feed and for how many days.  This can be done on auspicious days, Pithru Divasam/Shraddham days, festivals, birthdays, etc. Per our Sastras, Gho Samrakshanam clears Deva, Rishi, and Pithru Doshams. 

Arrange with vegetable vendors/markets for supply of vegetable waste to Gho Matha’s on a frequent basis.

Perform Amavasya & Pournami Puja at Panchavadi Gosala. Providing the Puja offerings to Gho Matha is considered an extremely noble deed as per Sastras.

4. Gho Seva -

Provide physical support by visiting Panchavadi Gosala and performing service frequently. Panchavadi Gosala is pretty flexible on timings of your support, week days/week ends.

5. Ghosala -

Help mobilize funds for construction of a shelter home for additional cows that will come in after being rescued from slaughter market. Even small contributions will help Panchavadi Gosala move towards the goal of building this shelter home shortly.  It also encourages Panchavadi Gosala to freely approach open market to rescue cows deemed for slaughter. The cost for shelter home construction costs around Rs. 72,000. This includes building food, and water tanks for Gho Matha including power supply. Kindly remember, construction of a shelter home to protect Gho Matha’s is equivalent to building a temple, a very rare opportunity for all of us to participate.

Last but not the least; help create Gho Matha Samrakshanam awareness to your family and friends by visiting our websites listed below. Only when a person realizes the current status of Gho Matha’s in our country they will realize the huge impact, will be able to appreciate and whole heartedly contribute for this divine seva.

Panchavadi Gosala Trust (Regd.), South Mada Street,  Kolathur, Vandalur-Kelambakkam Main 

Road, Near Mambakkam,  Chennai - 600 127. Cell - 9445423445 / 9789914875/ 044-27479389, 

Gho Matha Samrakshanam Awareness - , 

Contribution Info.

1) Cheques/DD Payable To:


Attn: Smt. V. Raja Lakshmi,

39/1, K. MalayappaNaicken Street,


Chennai - 600 028.

2) Online transfer details for those living in India

Account Number: 30158581140

State Bank Of India Santhome Branch

IFS Code: SBIN0005797

Jai Gomatha!!

3) Online Transfer details for those living abroad.

Bank Name: Bank of America, Last Name: Srinivasan, A/C #: 325039447568,  Routing  #: 

121000358 (Paper & Electronic), 0260009593 (Wires),  Zip Code – 95116.

In the Memo section, please mention “Gho Samrakshanam”.  Kindly send a note to after transfer. We will transfer the money to Panchavadi Gosala and will get you a certificate/receipt.


One of my friends in the US, Shri Sai Srinivasan reached out to me to help spread the 

word. So let us all do our might, for nothing will please Swamigal more!


  1. Fantastic, for past one week, I always had very frequent pleasant day dreams of starting GO SHALA for almost 3years, I even located places near Coimbatore to lease out 4acres of land, with 50cents for cow and rest of them for cultivation of fodder for the cows. Then it reminded me of how to take care of them, when I have no experience of it. My parents live in Mylapore and I live with my family in Bangalore. My in-laws are from Coimbatore. Thought would it be wise to suppport running GOSHALAs and started searching for it, found this PANCHAVADI GOSHALA doing a great job. Thought of spending a day too here, which I will be doing it in next month when am going to my parents place for Diwali. I always have cravings to run some dairy farm or other on cause of supporting livelihood. Am open to ideas, whoever wants to come forward with. Infact, I even started a company here in Bangalore recently under the name FARM GROWN ORGANIC and waiting for genuine partners to take it forward. Those interested, ping me