Monday, November 10, 2014

"Do you know that Mahavishnu and mosquitoes are similar in some ways?!"

Once Kanchi Swamigal told some people at the Matam, "Do you know that Mahavishnu and Mosquitoes are one and the same in some ways?!" And as usual, He Himself started to clarify that puzzle.

"In Lord Vishnu's hand the Chakra is spinning continuously and so does the mosquito which keeps spinning and buzzing near us all the time. Bad people will shy away from looking at Lord Vishnu due to His luminosity and so do people having irritation in the eyes will be unable to look at the mosquito. Lord Vishnu plays with Shruti (Vedas) and a mosquito keeps buzzing around our Shrutis (ears)."

The reason He narrated this analogy is because of the mosquito menace at place He had camped. He used to console people with this, 

"If we remember that mosquito is none other than Lord Vishnu Himself, then we can sleep in Happiness undisturbed by the mosquito bites!" 

He had this knack of dealing with any adversity in such a nice and humourous manner.

Once there was a long spiritual talk being given by someone. Swamigal listened to it patiently. And then the talk ended. After that Swamigal told that person, 

"What, just because you had the 'saakku' (good excuse) did you speak for such a long time?!". 

He continued, "You were sitting on a 'saakku' (sack) and giving the talk, I was referring to that saakku only, do not worry!".


Translated from Shri Ganesa Sharma's tamil book

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