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Thirukolakka – Sri Osai Nayaki Samedha Sri Thaalapureeswarar Temple!

Shri Annamalai Muthukaruppan says:

Om Mahaperiyava Charanam.

Namaskaram. With Mahaperiyava's blessings I was able to visit the  ‘Thirukolakka – Sri Osai Nayaki Samedha Sri Thaalapureeswarar’ temple on Maha Shivarathiri.

This 2000-year-old temple's renovation is going on and Kumbhabishekam is also tentatively planned in July. They are in need of funds also for both.


Thirukolakka temple is the 15th ‘Paadal Petra Thalam’. It is located 1 km from from Sirkazhi (on the way from Chidambaram to Mayiladuthurai).

Sri Osai Nayaki Ambal Samedha Sri Thaalapureeswarar Swami

Thirukolakka (Aaragvanam)

1300 to 2000 years old (it has been in existence even before the time of Thiru Gnana Sambandhar).

Sthala Varalaaru (Story of the place):
Thiru Gnana Sambandhar, attained enlightenment with Loka Maatha Uma’s breast milk at Sirkazhi, the following day he set out on his pilgrimage to the various Lord Shiva temples.
His first visit was to Thirukolakka temple situated in the Kondrai Vanam. Upon seeing the lord he sang the Thevaram song beginning “Madaiyil Vaalai Paaya”, clapping his bare hands in synchrony with the song. On seeing Sambandar’s tender hands redden, Lord Shiva blessed him with a pair of Golden hand ‘Cymbals’ (Thalams)! As the Thalams did not emanate any sound, Devi, with her kind heart gave sound to those Thalams! Since them the Swami and Ambal started blessing the devotees as ‘Sri Thaalapureeswarar’ and ‘Osai (kodutha) Nayaki’ respectively.

Devi Mahalakshmi, performed penance in Kondrai forest to get back Vishnu as husband, when Shiva quelled Vishnu’s demonic qualities as Sarabhewara in Vishnu’s Narasimha Avathara. Lord shiva blessed Mahalakshmi and got her married to Vishnu in Kondrai forest. Henceforth this place is known as Thirukolakka.     

Sri Surya Bhagavan, attained leadership position of Navagrahas by performing penance in Thirukolakka. He built the Suryapushkarini in front of the temple.

Chithirai Tiruvadhirai festival in April-May is celebrated in Sirkali Sattanathar temple with the milk utsav on the second day. After this event, Thiru Gnana Sambandar comes to Tirukolakka temple, here he receives the golden Thalams from Lord Shiva. The saint then returns to the Sirkali temple in a flower decorated palanquin.

Greatness of the temple:
1.     As Lord Shiva gave the Thalam to Ganasambandar and Ambal gave sound to the Thalam, people with hearing and speech difficulties and those aspiring excellence in music pray in this temple.

Special Puja and Pariharams: 
Vagvadhini Mula manthra archana, Mula Manthra Homa to get back hearing and speech defects

2.    As Sri Surya Bhagavan attained leadership position of Navagrahas by performing penance and prayers to Lord Shiva here, people who want success in educational pursuits, growth in personal and professional life pray in this temple.\

Special Puja and Pariharams: 
For Kaarya Sidhi and Prosperity,- Lakshmi Mula manthara japa and Sweet Pongal offering to Sri Osai Nayaki

For success in Exams – Saraswathi mulamanthra archana and Milk offering to Sri Osai Nayaki

3.    As the wedding of Mahalakshmi with Lord Vishnu took place here, people who want to get married and who want a happy married life pray in this temple.

Special Puja and Pariharams: 
For delayed wedding, Swayamvara kala mantha japa and homa for 11 weeks to Sri Mahalakshmi

Miracles in this century:
Speech and hearing defects got cured for many devotees by blessings of Sri Osai Nayaki. In 1979 a family offered Golden Thalam to the Swami in the temple, when their child got back speech. In 2015, a devotee offered SriChakra Thaadankam for Devi Osai Nayaki, when got his hearing back in 72 hours. 

Temple renovation is presently being carried out.  Kumbabishekam for the temple is tentatively fixed on 6th July 2017.

Contact Information:

For Pujas:

Sri Gnanasambandha Sivachariyar / Sri Karthikeya Sivachariyar
+91 81899 88587 / +91 98658 85780 / +91 98430 11264

For contributions towards Temple Renovation and Kumbhabisekam:

Sri. R. Vairavan – Hereditary Trustee: +91 98422 28853 / +91 94442 13933

Please do your best and also try to visit the temple and be blessed. Thanks and regards.

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