Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mahaswamigal video with Veda Patashala students, Dr Kalyanaraman and Smt Padma Subrahmanyan!

Thanks a bunch to Shri Hariharan for this precious 19:32 long video of Kanchi Mahaperiyava.

Shri Subramanian Kalyanaraman son of famous neurosurgeon Dr S Kalyanaraman says:

"HH blessings. Thanks to the dear daughter Vindhya Peddada who chanced upon this video at midnight and many more thanks to Hari Haran for preserving and posting this video on facebook, I see myself at 16 minute 38 seconds and my father Dr Kalyanaraman. My father refers to a severe jaundice he recovered from and is seen with dark frame glasses. I am introduced as Mani, son of Dr Kalyanaraman seen nearer the camera with gold rim glasses and Thamarai mani malai around my neck that is still safe with me today after nearly 30 years.

Though I do not remember this particular event, I am blessed to receive a fruit from HH himself as He retires from the dharshan platform. In the background a message comes from 'pal doctor' (dentist) as my late grandfather was referred to, in his own voice, saying he would come back soon to take permanent residence at Periva's feet at Sri Matam. 

Thank you once again. Am overwhelmed."

Famous dancer Smt Padma Subrahmanyan is also seen in the video, she is seen in the last picture.

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