Friday, January 6, 2017

"Want to Leave the World with Mahaperiyava's Darshan!" --- Shri Krushnan!

Shri Krushnan is seen with his wife on his right and Smt Rajalakshmi Vittal Mami of Nochiam on his left.

Swamigal with a Coconut

Beautiful picture of Adhistanam of the 65th Kanchi Acharya HH Mahadevendra Saraswathi Swmigal, at Ilayathangudi. He was also called as 'Ilayathangudi Periyava'. Picture courtesy

The 65th Kanchi Acharya. Pic courtesy

I recall the Viswarupa Darsanam of Kanchi Mahaperiyava Sarweswara at Ilayathangudi in 1962. I was 19 yrs old then, Accompanied by my Mama who told Him that I wanted to discontinue my studies due to family problems.

To which Mahaperiyava asked me, "Where are you studying? Nee Poi Padi, You go and study!" and then moved on to Kulam Pond for Snanam.

I was ordained to visit Ilayathangudi two days afterwards. After finishing Puja Mahaperiyava signalled me to come with my father and asked me to take the smaller portion of broken coconut and for my father, the bigger portion of the broken coconut and signalled to join both the portions, with that great smile of His towards me indicating He has blessed me with my wishes!

Shankara. What an unique thing from Swamigal to ask them to join the two broken portions of the coconut!

He blessed me with Kamakoti free scholarship in the subsequent year for my 2nd year of study at MIT (Madras Institute of Technology) in Chrompet, Madras.

I recalled these to Him when I went to have His Darshan in some remote village in Karnataka many years later during His Satara Vijaya Yatra.

He asked me to repeat the word " KAMAKOTI!".


So Ilayathangudi is a Very Great Name for me in my Life. Of course I had few more Darshans of Periyava in subsequent years. Whatever I could get in my life is only because of Mahaperiyava. I keep praying that my Life ends with "MAHAPERIYAVA SARWESWARA" Nama in my memory/mind and lips, along with Darshan of Mahaperiyava. 

How Touching. Shankara.



How beautifully narrated by the Supremely blessed and very humble Shri Krushnun Sattaraman! How many countless Lives I need to take to be blessed like this. Our Namaskarams to you Sir.


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