Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saffron from USA for Kamakshi Amman Temple!

Dear Everyone,

This is related to Sri Kamakshi Amman Kumbabhishekam this Feb 2017. A devotee Bharatwaj Srinivasan spoke to temple priest Suresh Sastrigal and it seems they are in need of 1kg of Saffron for Ambal Abhishekam. He also feels it would be good if we can send some from USA because of the high quality avaliable here. Suresh Sastri's sister's son is flying from USA on Feb 4th and he is also ready to carry saffron if anyone give it to his address. 

Devotees living in the US, you may please ship the Saffron to him at the below address:

Rajesh Venkataraman (Suresh Sastrigal Sister's son)
Address: 111 Hana Road, Edison, NJ 08817

Leaving to India: 04-Feb-2017

or to

Kannan Ramanathan (Suresh Sastrigal's another relative's son)
Address: 8714 Newcastle bend
Irving, TX 75063
Email: /

Leaving to India: 26-Jan-2017

or to

Priya Venkataraman (phone: 510 676 5506)

Address: Residing in Fremont California.
Leaving to India on: January 19th, 2017

Saffron brand: Any Spanish Saffron like this brand "The Gatherings of Saffron".

 Please check your local Indian Stores or you can buy the saffron brand from Costco or Sam's club near you. That is also a good quality one.

This is the original post on this:
Please do note the dates mentioned above before sending them. Thank you Everyone!


  1. Namaskarams. Please share their phone no of Rajesh Venkataraman. I am living very close, less than a mile. Thank you for giving us a chance to participate in the kumbabhisekham. Periya Bakkiyam.

    1. Rajesh's email address is Thanks so much.

  2. Sir, Could you please share the phone no or e-mail address of Mr Kannan Ramanathan. I live close by and hand it over to him. Hope Periyava gives me his blessings to be part of this.

    Thank you

    1. Kannan Ramanathan's email address is: /

  3. I am coming to India on 29th Jan. If I bring some saffron with me, can someone come and collect from my home in chennai? If that would be possible, bakthas in the US can ship it to me also. I live in bay area (san jose, california)

    1. Namaste. This is nataraja sastry from Sri Kamakshi temple Kancheepuram. AFTER reaching Chennai please call me. I will send somebody to collect. Thanks sir. with Sri KAMAKSHI blessings. Nataraja sastry Kancheepuram. MY phone number is 9364310545.

  4. Great. Devotees in the US can ship to my address also. My number is 408 479 2475/ I am departing the US on 27th Jan, arriving in Chennai - 29th Jan early morning. I live in San Jose, California.

  5. This is Kannan Ramanathan and my number is 469 426 8033. I am travelling to India on 26th January from Dallas.