Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Enge Cho! (Where has Cho Gone!)

Accompanied by Indian Express Journalist friends of his, Shri S Gurumurthy, Shri Arun Shourie, Shri Goenka etc, Shri Cho Ramaswamy was on the way to Kanchi to have Darshan of Mahaperiyava. "Why did Swamigal do it this way?", Cho was asking himself this question and was confused. He is referring to some incident, but does not state which incident it was. He asked Shri Gurumurthy this and he replied, "It will be impossible for us mere mortals to comprehend why Swamigal did it that way!". 

They were in Tambaram when they were discussing it, on the way to Kanchi.

They reached the Matam in Kanchi. There were more than 200 devotees there having Swamigal's Darshan.

Swamigal's eyes fell on Cho and He remarked:

"Mmm... so you want to know why I did it that way. Or else your Brain will not be quiet. Is it not?!"


Cho was stunned! How did Swamigal know what was worrying him. He had not told Swamigal about this, after all! He was shocked when Swamigal spoke his mind, that he felt like running away.

Swamigal then gave a big explanation of His actions. Not just for Cho, but for everyone present there at the Matam.

"How did Swamigal know what was in his mind?", asks the stunned Cho in the below 2 minute video starting from time 3.22.  Please click the link below.

Humbly he says, "Do not conclude that I am Swamigal's close devotee. I am a Nothing!". He also says, "Lot of such miracles happen in everyone's daily Lives too. We must attune ourselves to realize it."


Cho Ramaswamy - Engey Brahmanan Where has gone the Brahmin TV show, speaks on Supernatural powers of Kanchi Mahaperiyava.

So sorry, it is in Tamil, but I have translated it for Everyone.

Cho was a comedian, character actor, editor, political satirist, playwright and dialogue writer, film director and lawyer.

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