Monday, December 8, 2014

"Mother Veda will protect you, do not worry!"

Veda Patashalas needing our help!

Here is a list of Veda Patashalas which are in need of financial assistance. Please do call 

the Srowthigals at the numbers mentioned to get more details. My acquaintance has 

reached out to me to help spread the word. Please do your might to help out.

1) Sama Vedha patasalai

Saraboji Agraharam,


Adhyapakar: Sri Sundara Srowthigal,

Mobile No. +91 9489825418

email address: 

This Veda Patashala was earlier located in Pazhaya Gudalur, near Kuttalam, Mayuram and 

recently shifted to Thiruvenkadu. Has about 10 vidhyarthis.

Spoke to Shri Sundara Srowthigal just a few minutes back. He said he was blessed in the 

sense that his Vedas test was administered by Swamigal Himself in the year 1981 when He 

was camping in Gulbarga, Karnataka in His Satara Vijaya Yatra. Swamigal had given him 

some reward on that occasion! Sri Sundara Srowthigal's online transfer details:

Bank account name .--- city union bank. 

Bank account number 500101010210689. 

Bank address. no.137/87 k.s.building.pattamangala street.mayiladuthurai. nagapattinam 


Ifsc code.CIUB 0000005. 

Bank Account Name: S.SUNDARA SASTRIGAL.. 

His home address in mentioned above. The pincode is Tiruvengadu 609114

Those wishing to write checks can write them in the name of S.SUNDARA SASTRIGAL.

2) Sri Sankara Gurukulam Acharya Vidhya Vidhya Peetam,

79, North Street, Melattur - 614 301

Tanjore District.

Adhyapakar: Sri Thiagaraja Sharma

Mobile: +91 9003428845

About 20 vidhyarthis are studying here. Both Sama and Yajur vedams are taught here. It 

seems that a donor who was taking care of the grocery needs of the Patashala to the tune 

of Rs.14,000/- a month, has suddenly stopped contributing.

I spoke to Shri Thygaraja Sharma just a few minutes back. He said after he completed his 

Veda Adhyayanam at the age of 15, his guru took him to Kanchi Swamigal and told Him 

proudly, "Only this boy in my class has agreed to teach Vedas!"

To which Swamigal replied, " I am very proud of you! Mother Veda will take care of you, 

you do not worry! You have my complete blessings!"

And he started to teach Vedas at the age of 17 to a first batch of 3 boys!

He told me that checks can be drawn in the name of ' Sri Sankara Gurukulam Acharya 

Vidhya Peetam'.

Here are the online transfer details for this Patashala:

A/c.No. 05370100004395
Bank : Bank of Baroda
IFSC: BARB0MELATT (Please note that it is a zero and not the letter O)

3) Thogur Veda Patashala

I just spoke to Shri Makarabhushanam Mama #2 in the list. He told me that Mahaswamigal blessed him to go to his guru's place and start the Veda Patashala, without seeking out money. And that he will be in 'Parama Kshemam'! He has been doing it from 1978.

Please send a check addressed to Shri Makarabhushanam and mail it to

Shri N. Makarabhushanam
Jemineeya Sama Veda Patashala,
Tanjore District,
Tamil Nadu --- 613102

Here are the online transfer details for Shri N. Makarabhushanam Thogur Veda Patashala:

IFSC code CIUB 0000081
a/c 08100 10003 07655
Kumbakonam City Union Bank 
Thogur branch 613102

4) Chidambaram Veda Patashala

Spoke to Shri Sabapathi Dikshidar. He mentioned that they started the Patashala in June 2012 and have 9 students now. He said when he went to Mahaswamigal to get His blessings for his Upanayanam, Swamigal showered His grace by giving him a Poorrnaphalam Matta Thengai and told him, "do your Adhyayanam properly and you will be blessed!".

Please write a check addressed to his father, Shri KM Ganeshamurthi and mail it to

6/52 Raghevendra Flats
F2 First floor,
North Car Street,
Chidambaram 608001
Tamil Nadu

Here are the online transfer details for Shri Sabapathi Deekshitar in Chidambaram

A/C holder name --- KM Ganeshamurthi (his father)
Bank a/c number --- 11040290790
Bank --- State Bank of India SBI

South Car Street, Chidambaram.

IFS Code --- SBIN 0000823

"Had a short conversation with Shri Makarabhushanam mama of Thogur. Some useful details: He has at present six resident vedic students as per our Gurukula system. Each adhyaayi spends an average of 9 years in the Gurukulam to master the Sukthas, Brahmanas and Grihyasutras.

He maintains 11 cows - 7 of which are milk-yielding, in a traditional Goshaala. He uses the milk, dung etc. obtained from the cows tended in the Goshaala only, for all the Gurukulam's needs and doesn't procure them from outside. The cost of feeding these cows averages Rs. 12k per month."

5) Sirugumani Veda Patashala

Bank Details: Central Bank Of India, Pettavaithalai Branch,Trichy-639112.
SB A.C No: 1960427760

IFSC Code: CBIN 0280902

Cheque shall be drawn on Shri Parasuraman P.

Mailing Address: Bru.Sri. Parasuramachar P, Somayaji, Adhyapakar,
Rigveda Gurukula Patasala,
97, Agraharam,
Sirugamani Post, Trichy- 639115.
Phone No: +91 9994304832

Thanks a ton!

In the picture Swamigal is seen listening in rapt attention to children reciting the Vedas!

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