Sunday, September 14, 2014

Soundarya Lahari in the divine voice of HH Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal! (please click this link to download the mp3 onto your device)

In Deivathin Kural Kanchi Swamigal has expounded the meanings of the verses by plumbing the deepest of depths, just an astonishing bhashyam it is. And He goes on to say, "If anyone can give a different interpretation (different to what I have said) to the verses, then nothing can make Me more happpier!".  Goes to reveal the towering height of humility in Him, His unsurpassable love for Ambal and His supreme bhakthi and respect for His Guru Adi Shankara.

This is quite a powerful sthothram, with each of the 100 verses laden with a specific benefical effect. So let us take a resolve to memorize it and chant on Fridays.

In time for a blessed Navarathri to you all.

Song courtesy of 'Kamakoti Kamakshi' who had posted it in youtube.

The topmost picture is that of the golden chariot of Kamakshi Amman in a procession in Kanchi.

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