Sunday, July 27, 2014

Voices of Devotees of God! (in downloadable mp3 format)

Kanchi Periyava Devotees' kural (downloadable mp3 audio files)

Have stripped the audio portion in mp3 format from the video interviews of the experiences of the devotees with Kanchi Periyava. From the below links search by pressing control F, click on the desired link and download whatever audio you want to hear onto your portable audio device.

Now you can enjoy them on the move!

1) Brahmasri Gopala Ganapadigal.mp3

2) Brahmasri Chandramouli Samaveda.mp3

3) Isaignani Ilayarajas experience.mp3

4) Dr Veezhinathan.mp3

5) Experience of Udayapalayam Samasthanam.mp3

6) Experience of Ramanathapuram Samasthanam.mp3

7) Experience of   Shri Ganapathi.mp3

8) Experience of Sri Venkateshwaranandha Swamigal.mp3

9) Brahmasri Ramakrishna Dikshitar Part II.mp3

10) Smt Satanur Ganapadigal shares her experience with Mahaperiyava.mp3

11) Smt Savithri Mahadevan shares her experience .....mp3

12) Transformed by Deivathin Kural - Mr.Sreedhar.mp3

13) Two short incidents narrated by Smt Srimathy Kadamba.mp3

14) Thiruvanaika Sri Lakshminarayana Sharma.mp3

15) Experience of Shri VJR.mp3

16) Sri Balasubramaniam Sastrigal.mp3

17) Shri Ganesa Sharma shares his experience.mp3

18) Ponds Mama.mp3

19) Shri Mettur Ganesan.mp3

20) Jeer Swamigal

21) Smt Prathyangara Padmasini.mp3

22) Mudikondan Sri Viswanathan with Mahaperiyava.mp3

23) Kumbakonam Sri Bindu talks about Periyava.mp3

24) Shri Kamakshi Dasan.mp3

25) Experiences of Shri Ramadurai Mama Part II.mp3

26) Experience with Mahaperiyava - Shri Ramanathan Chettiar.mp3

27) Experience with Mahaperiyava - Shri Rajaji.mp3

28) Experiences with Shri Anjaneya Swamis Relatives.mp3

29) Experiences of Sri Bharani Mani.mp3

30) Experiences Of Sri Lakshmanan.mp3

31) Experiences of Pollachi Jayam Patti Part II.mp3

32) Experiences Of Sri S Rajah Iyer.mp3

33 A) Experiences of Sri SundaraRamamurthy Part I.mp3

33 B) Experience With Maha Periyava- By Sri SundaraRamamurthy Part II.mp3

34) Experience with Mahaperiyava Dr Ravichandran.mp3

35) Experiences Of Srimathi Saradamani And Sri Chinnasami.mp3

36) Experiences Of Nochiam Vittal Rajalakshmi Mami.mp3

37) Experience With Maha Periyava  Sri Thiruvottriyur Visu.mp3

38) Experience With Maha Periyava of Smt Meera.mp3

39) Experiences Of Kalancheri Sri Kalyanakrishna Dikshithar.mp3

40 A) Experiences Of Salem Sri Ravi Part I.mp3

40 B) Experiences Of Salem Sri Ravi Part II.mp3

40 C) Experiences Of Salem Sri Ravi Part III.mp3

41) Experiences Of Brahmasri Sivaramakrishna Sastrigal.mp3

42) Experiences Of Dr R Ganesh.mp3

43) Experiences Of Dr Alagappan.mp3

44) Experience with Mahaperiyava - Shri Thiagarajan.mp3

45) Experiences Of Sri Rajaraman.mp3

46) Pudukottai Rajas Family and Mahaperiyava.mp3

47) Experiences Of Sri Kanakadara Lakshminarayanan.mp3

48) Experiences Of Sri Pattabi.mp3

49) Sri Appaya Dikshitar Charithram Part II.mp3

50) Shri Ravi Venkatraman's experience.mp3

51) Experience of Hosur Smt Vijayalakshmi with Mahaperiyava.mp3

52) Experience of Kattupaiyur Shri S.Krishnamoorthy.mp3

53 A) Experience of Sri Kalyanapuram -Venga- - Part1.mp3

53 B) Experience of Kalyanapuram Sri -Venga- Mama - Part II.mp3

54) Experience with Mahaperiyava - Dr Badrinath.mp3

55) Experience of Kizhathanjavur Sri Subramanian with Mahaperiyava.mp3

56) Experience of Hubli Shri Ramaswamy with Mahaperiyava.mp3

57) Experience With Mahaperiyava - Shri Rajagopal.mp3

58) Experience of Thiruvannamalai Shri Gowrishankar with Mahaperiyava.mp3

59) Dr_Revathi_Ananthasubramanian.wmv.mp3

60) Experience With Maha Periyava By -Varagur Sri Krishnamurthy.mp3

61) Experiences With Maha Periyava- By  Kumbakonam Srimathi Lakshmikantha Sarma.mp3

62) Experience with MahaPeriyava By- Sri Suresh & Smt Bhavani (Transformed by Deivathin Kural).mp3

63) Experience With Maha Periyava- By  Sri Vaishnava Venkatraman.mp3

64) Experience With Maha Periyava- By Shri Photo Seetharaman.mp3

65) Experience with Mahaperiyava - Shri Thiagarajan.mp3

66) Experiences With Maha Periyava- By  Kumbakonam Pazhakkadai Sri Thiagu Mama.mp3

67 A) Experiences with MahaPeriyava By Shri Balu mama Part 1.mp3

67 B) Experiences with Maha Periyava By Shri Balu mama Part 2.mp3

67 C) Experiences with Maha Periyava By Balu mama Part 3.mp3

68 D) Experiences with Mahaperiyava_Shri Balu mama PART 4.mp3

69) Experiences With Maha Periyava- By Sri K G Krishnamurthy.mp3

70) Experience with Mahaperiyava By Mayavaram Shri CRK.mp3

71) Experiences with MahaPeriyava By Shri Vashishta Guha Swamiji.mp3

72) Experiences with MahaPeriyava By Peralam Sri Sundaresan.mp3

73) Experience With Maha Periyava- By Nithya Agnihothri Brahmasri Sirugumani Parasuramachar.mp3

74) Dr Padma Subrahmanyam talks about Sri Maha Periva.mp3

75) Experience With Maha Periyava By - Shri Thiruvottiyur Ramaswamy.mp3

76) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas -  Dr. L Mahadevan, Ayurvedic Doctor.mp3

77) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Padmabushan Sri TN Seshagopalan.mp3

78) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Dr Mythili.mp3

79) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Sri Ganesa Sharma (TAFE).mp3 (this is the second one, first one is at # 17 above)

80) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Sri T S Chari (AIR).mp3

81) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Dr Tatwamasi Dikshit.mp3

82) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Dr. N. Veezhinathan.mp3 (his second one, first one is at # 4 above)

83) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Bringi T Venkatarama Sastrigal.mp3

84) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Shatapdi Vedic Sadas - Kanchi Forum - Sri Chandrasekara Sthapathi.mp3

85) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Sri Ayampatti Ganesan.mp3

86) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Brahmasri Mullaivasal S Krishnamurthy Sastr.mp3

87) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Brahma Sri Seshadrinatha Sastrigal.mp3

88) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Sri CL Ramakrishnan.mp3

89) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Sangeetha Kalanidhi Sri V Rajam Iyer.mp3

90) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas -  BrahmaSri Nannilam Rajagopalan Ganapadigal.mp3

91) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas -  Sri Umapathy Sivacharyar.mp3

92) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas - Sri Subbu Arumugam.mp3

93) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas -  Sri TS Raghavan.mp3

94) Sri Rathnagiriswarar Temple Sadas -  padmasri SM Muthiah Sthapathy.mp3


This page will be updated continuously as and when new experiences are available. This was possible courtesy of, thanks a ton to them.


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