Friday, April 4, 2014

"You are Kali Herself!"


1) "And then the miracle happened!" 

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on April 5th 2013

This happened to me between my engagement and marriage period. After my engagement I was having terrible dreams and I went upto my dad and told him I want to cancel this engagement.

My parents were shocked but being an ardent devotee of Periyava my dad said we will meet Him and abide by whatever He says.

When we went to Kanchi Mutt (this was a week before He attained Mukthi!). There were around a thousand devotees and Periyava was sitting at a distance. My heart sank as I wondered how can we go near Him leave alone talk to Him. And then the Miracle which only Periyava can perform happened.

He called us towards Him...Tears started rolling from our eyes and we went near Him..He removed a Elakkai malai (Cardamom garland) from His neck blessed it and gave it to me! Still reeling from the surprise and happiness we performed a namaskaram and came home

Dad said this is Periyava's way of saying 'naan un life a manakka veppen' and I have been happily married for the past 19 years

I have the Mala in my Pooja and pray to it every day..It is still fresh and retains the fragrance and not a single elakkai has dried!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara...Pranams to our Guru....

2) "Trust Him and He will give you everything!”

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on April 6, 2013

In continuation of me sharing my Elakkai Malai experience….This happened to me yesterday. I 

had gone to a local shop. At the billing counter an uncle aged around 70 years started 

conversing with me. Initially he enquired about my phone and general family details. After some 

time he pulled out Periyava’s photo and gave it to me and explained many of his personal 

interactions with Periyava. He invited me to his house to see Periyava’s Paduka kept in his 

pooja. On hearing this I narrated my Elakkai Malai experience.

In the past also I’ve shared this experience to many persons but yesterday this uncle asked me 

where have you kept that malai and I said in my pooja. Again he asked me in what have you 

kept it. I said that I’ve kept it in a ‘Tupper ware’ box. Then he told me “Periayava’s malai should 

be kept in a silver or gold box. You buy a silver box from a local shop (he named the shop also) 

and keep praying to Periyava and Periyava will give you everything”.

On a parting shot he said “I never talk to people this long. I felt like telling you this. Trust Him 

and he will give you everything!”.

I was speechless and felt like Periyava only came and advised me in his form. Am going to buy 

a silver box tomorrow.

PS: I took out the photo he gave me with tears in my eyes this morning and guess what - in the 

corner it was written ‘THE SAGE OF KANCHI’.

3) "You are Kali Herself!" 

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on April 10th, 2013

Our neighbors through whom I got to meet Periyava used to take care of me since I was 20 days old , were ardent devotees and mama was a great Vedic Scholar always involved in Homams and poojas at the Mutt. 

Since my mom was working whenever they went to Kanchi they will take me also along. I had the blessings of Periyava to be a part of Navarathri Pooja as a Kanya for 4-5years and mami used to be part of suvasini Pooja. Along with Prasadam and a gold coin we would get nice new pavadais,bangles.bindis,kaajal and colourful ribbons ..invariably on all occasions my turn would be on the last day...I used to feel very sad about it as other kids would have got it much earlier....

Once when mama and mami were talking to Periyava I kept a long face and was hiding behind mami...The ever smiling Paramporul that our Periyava is asked me what is it that you want to ask ??? (Stupidly without realizing it was such a blessing to be even part of the Pooja ) I asked him why is it that I get my turn only at the last day every year ???

Periyava smiled and said 'Nee Kali illaya adhan'!

I never understood the meaning then but now even thinking about it gives me goosebumps...

4) "He said his name was Chandrasekaran!"

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on June 3rd, 2013

I had gone to Kanchi today to get the blessings of Maha Periyava for my son who is taking his CA entrance next week.

On my way I thought like a small kid (even though i do know Periyava is omnipresent and ever listening to my prayers ) if at the Matam someone gives me kalakandu or thulasi I will take it that Periyava is blessing my child and will guide him in his exam.

I stood in front of Him with my prayers and tears rolled down my eyes. When I was about to start pradikshanam one person called me and asked me do you have any problems ??? I saw you were crying...I told him I was praying for my son...he took out a big photo of Maha Periyava gave it to me and said 'don't worry your will son will do well...coming today is fine...why don't you come on anusham day 


I said I will and asked him Mama what is your name and he said 'CHANDRASEKARAN'!

I was dumbstruck and thought about my foolishness...I asked Him for thulasi and He gave me a 

photo and his blessings...GURUVE SARANAM...

5) "You must come to me!" 

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on Nov 5th 2013

Had an excellent darshan of Him today the Holy Anusham day at the Kanchi Matam. He 

performed a miracle yet again today. There was a bunch of photos of Him at His feet at the 

Adishtanam and were given away only to prominent people. I wanted one too but was hesitant 

to ask the Priest.

I prayed to Him that, "By the time I finish 25 pradakshinams and 25 namaskarams You must 

come to me!"

I completed 20 rounds passed and nothing happened yet. During the 21st round the Mama at 

the Adhishtanam called me and gave me One!

Tears started rolling down my eyes. He listens to each and everyone of us, either sooner or 


While coming out we had buttermilk and were discussing if we should go to Orikkai. It was 

already 11.50 am and the Mani mandapam timings were written as closure at 12 noon. The old 

man who gave us buttermilk said, "even if the main sannadhi is closed go to that place. Even 

going there is enough!".

By the time we got directions and went it was 12.25 pm and can you believe it, His sannadhi 

was still open! It was such a divine sight and I could feel His vibrations there. What kind and 

powerful eyes!

There is a small Kamakshi Ambal also there and I performed 5 pradakshinams and 5 


Am feeling so happy and charged that this will take me through till the next Anusham!

6) "My Father does it again!"

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on Dec 2nd, 2013

Today being Anusham, I went to Kanchi Matam as usual! When I approached His 

Adhishtanam it was closed.

I started my 25 rounds and 25 namaskarams praying to Him,

"You know what my prayers are but still I repeat it for my sake... Like all mothers I pray for my 

son to study well and since he is taking his CA exams in May I want him to excel in it!"

I usually chant Guru vandanam and Jaya Jaya Shankara while doing pradikshana. Today 

somehow felt I can see Him as a reincarnation of Lord Shiva who I revere as my Father and 

told him Appa,

"I know you listen to my prayers. You have come in my dreams, smiled at me, consoled me and 

even gave me a picture that I wanted last Anusham! Today I am not going to ask for anything!" 

and started chanting Siva puranam.

After 25 rounds the Adhistanam doors opened, I got the prasadam and left.

As I was leaving, my contact person at the Matam, Shri Rajesh who runs one of the small 

makeshift shops opposite the Adhistanam called me and gave me a small packet and said,

"Madam, give this to your son and ask him to wear it in a thread or a chain!"

When I opened it I was dumbstruck! For it was my Father smiling at me saying, Yes I am 


What else can I say, "MY FATHER DOES IT AGAIN !!!! HAVE A LOOK"!

7) "Santhoshama, are you happy now!"

Posted in Sage of Kanchi group in Facebook on April 5th 2014

From Monday (March 31st) morning I started doing Vilva Archanai to Annamalaiyar (the God 

of Arunachala at Thiruvannamalai) at home. I told APPA (Swamigal) it has been a while since 

You came in my dream!

And He indeed came in my dream on Wednesday April 2nd early morning!

In the dream I am entering the temple and the path is full of jasmines flowers. I tread carefully 

not to put my feet on them. The doors made of gold suddenly open wide and there I see 

Annamalaiyar on the right and APPA on the left smiling at me.

"Santhoshama, are you happy now", He says!

Tears start to roll down and I chant APPA and fall at Their feet and then baskets of vilva leaves 

fall on me almost drowning me!

I ask Him, "APPA do I deserve this?"

He smiles and blesses me with His right hand raised!

I don't understand the meaning. But it took me one whole day to come out of it.

When I offered Villam on Monday I told Him to please accept this small offering. I am not the 

type who makes elaborate prasadam and all. I just offer grapes and kalkandu. I am happy He 

is listening. There is so much of calmness in the past five days around me!

8) "Before you leave have a darshan of Lord Shiva too!"

The last Anusham was on April 18th 2014, but I could not go to Kanchi Matam on that day. That 
night I went to sleep, dejected, and shed a few tears as it was the first time I was missing His 
darshan in almost a year on Anusham. The next day morning too I was thinking about all the happenings at the Adhistanam.

I settled down for my afternoon nap. APPA came in my dream this afternoon! I along with my Mami who took care of me when I was young and her daughter are walking through a narrow path in a village. Mami says, "There is a Siva temple nearby, so let us go!" As we enter the temple, the priest comes running and says, "Come fast, I am waiting for you! I need to close the temple, but this Person sitting here asked me to wait and not close the temple!"


Straight ahead there is small linga of Lord Siva. I tell the priest that even I didn't plan to come here and ask him, "Who told you not close the temple?"And he shows me the Person! On the left hand side is APPA sitting with His dhandam! He was like a Jothi swarupam, a golden pizhamb He was! I am not able to see that Light and cringe shouting APPAAAAA!

He is not at my eye level, but high above. I look up and my whole body starts shaking.
He says, "Nanna Iru, may you be prosperous!", and blesses me with His right hand. And adds, "Poi sivanayum parthuttu po, have a darshan of Lord Shiva too"!

I woke up with my body trembling and tears rolling down. The time was 2.45 I didn't know if it was night or day. It took me a while to come to grips with what had just now transpired and still tears are filling my eyes!

Thinking about his JOTHI Darshan still brings a shudder to me. Even though I couldn't go APPA has come to see me!

Part 2

Fast forward to April 21, 2014!

When I went to the Matam today. Kumaresan Mama was there. Mama is an ardent devotee and was with Him as a Kainkaryam for a long time, almost like His shadow. He smiled at me. Abhishekam was going on. I started my pradakshanams around the Adhishtanam. I prayed to APPA today that I want a fruit and vibuthi or chandan only from Kumaresan mama for me to apply to my son when he appears for his exams. "If Kumaresan mama gives I will be happy", I pray to Him thus. I was cheeky enough to give Him options!

After pradakshanams we were waiting for Alankaram to finish. I met Kumaresan mama's wife and she told me Mama has already left taking some friends to nearby temples. My heart sank hearing this.

When the Adhishtanam opened, the priest Mama who is there usually asked me, "What is that box? Periyavakitta vekkanuma Should I place it near Periyava?" I gave him the box and told him my prayers. The priest gave me a lotus flower and a banana with the box. I took it and turned to leave.

Just then Kumaresan Mama entered and asked me, "Prasadam vangintaya did you receive the Prasadam?"I nodded my head in the affirmative. He then asked me to wait and went inside and told the other Mama something. I was confused. No one was there at the Adhishtanam. Then I heard Kumaresan Mama's voice, "Chithra rakshai kudukkaren edhuthuko Please take the rakshai (holy ash from Homam). Un payyanukkum edhuthuko, Take some for your son too!"

Tears started welling up in me. It was like as if APPA himself was saying! He gave me the rakshai and asked me to wait again!

Then he gave me chandanam, kumkumam, vibuthi and a pomegranate. I was dumbstruck. APPA gave me rakshai along with the vibuthi and chandanam option I had given along with a fruit I had asked for! what else can I say APPA does it again. After coming in my dream on Anusham day and giving me a Viswaroopa Jothi Darshan APPA has again been kind enough to accede to my childish request and made it come true!

What He gave her is seen in the picture in the top!

9) "I was in tears! When I ask Her for it She gives it to me instantly!"

A few days before the last Anusham I was thinking that I am doing Pooja to APPA alone 

and doing five pradakshinams and namaskarams everyday to Him. But I was not doing any 

pooja to Goddess Kamakshi. I have been telling Her that both She and APPA are one and 

the same, and that She should accept my prayers.

Then it struck me, "Why not get a photo of Kamakshi also and pray?"

That evening I saw a photo in our Sage of Kanchi forum where Kamakshi was wearing a 

green coloured saree and She was sitting along with the three Acharyas. I liked that picture 

very much and thought I should get one for myself like that.

On Anusham day I went to Kanchi Matam, and upon nearing the Adhishtanam my contact 

person showed me a picture of Kamakshi in red saree and asked me if I wanted to buy it. I 

was taken aback by the coincidence as I had already decided to get one and now this 

person wants me to buy one!

Then I told him I am looking for a photo with Her in a green saree and that I will buy one if 

he had such a picture. He said, "No Madam, I obtained these photos personally and in all of 

them She is seen wearing red saree only. May be next time I will get a picture in green 

saree for you".

I requested him to again search his stock of pictures and that I will complete the 

pradakshinams of Swamigal and come.

When I came back he was all smiles and said, "Madam I searched and found there is only 

one picture of Kamakshi in a green saree, here, take this!"

I was in tears! When I ask Her for it She gives it to me instantly!

While returning home I was thinking how will I keep this picture and do Pooja and then it 

dawned upon me that my mother had given a silver plate for my marriage which I have 

never used so far and it was lying in the cupboard for 20 years!

I came home, took it out, cleaned it and started to do Pooja to Her on the same Anusham 

itself! She is now sitting majestically in my Pooja and giving me immense peace!


Narrated by the blessed Smt Chithra V Subramanian.

More will follow...


  1. Namaste.
    Is the "box" in the first picture the silver one you bought to place the "Elakkai Malai"? Would you be able to share a picture of the "Elakkai Malai" itself, please?

  2. Dear Shri KVS, Yes, that is the silver box in which the Malai is kept. I have uploaded the picture of the Elakkai Malai here. Thank you for your kind words.