Sunday, March 16, 2014

Agni Upasana, Samashti Samithadhana on Sunday May 4th, 2014

On May 4, 2014 a Samashti Samitadana has been planned in West Mambalam, Madras as directed by Sri Sri Bala Periava.

Samitadana is an important section of the rituals to be observed and performed by brahmacharis (bachelors) after the Upanayana samskara.

I do not know how many of the present-day fathers did samitadana when they were brahmacharis. Irrespective of that, it is our beholden duty to encourage our brahmachari sons to do this great Vedic rite.

Here is a superb opportunity for us to introduce/rekindle the interest in our children to do this religious duty of ours and keep the tradition going strong.

Arrangements are being planned in meticulous detail:

All the materials required for the function including the homakundam (the hearth), the veratti (dung cakes) and the samit's will be stocked and available for use. Of course a breakfast at the end of the rite also is planned. A battery of scholarly vaaddhiyar's (gurus) will be present and direct the bachelors, in all the branches of Veda: Rig, Yajur (Aapastambha and Bodhayana) and Sama.

It cannot get better than this.

All Vaishnava and Smartha brahmin boys whose upanayanam has been performed and who would like to experience the fulfillment and peace of this great ritual of Samitadana are invited to participate.

This will be a great step in your quest for true Brahminism.

For registration and further details....

If you are eligible and would like to participate, please register your name and get details of the venue and timings from Sri Radhakrishnan whose mobile number is 9884396963.

I do hope and pray there will be an overwhelming response to this very welcome initiative.

In case you want to contribute..

If you are excited by the event being planned and would like to help physically or monetarily, please call Sri Jayakumar on his mobile number 09677078562.

Anything you can offer will be gratefully accepted.

Sarma Sastrigal


The above is a message from Shri Sarma Sastrigal. HH Bala Periyava feels that wide publicity should be given so that brahmacharis can be mobilised in a large number.

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