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Some Tamil books on Kanchi Mahaperiyava, Sivan Sir etc


1) மகா பெரியவாள் தரிசன அனுபவங்கள் (Part 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7)

Author: Shri Kothandarama Sharma
Publisher: Vanathi Pathipagam

2) இந்து மதம் பதிலளிக்கிறது (Part 1,2 & 3)

Author: Shri S. Lakshmi Subramaniam
Publisher: Vanathi Pathipagam

3) மஹா பெரியவா-Maha Periyava

Author: Shri P.Swaminathan
Publisher: Kamadenu Publications

4) காஞ்சி மஹான் தரிசனம் -Kaanji Mahan Tharisanam

Author: Sri Madam Balu Swamigal
Publisher: Kamadeenu Publicatons

5) ஜெய ஜெய சங்கரா - Jeya Jeya Sankara

Author: Shri Jeyakanthan
Publisher: Meenatchi Puthaga Nillayam

6) கண்கண்ட தெய்வம் காஞ்சி மகான் - Kannkanda Deivam Kanchi Mahan

Author: Shri C.S. Devanathan
Publisher: Thirumagal Nilayam

7) காஞ்சி மகானின் கருணை நிழலில்- Kanchi Mahanin Karunai Nizhalil

Author: Shri Ra.Venkatasamy
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services

8) காமகோடி பெரியவா - Kamakoti Periyava

Author: Shri Charukesi
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services

9) காஞ்சி மகானின் கருணை உள்ளம் --- Kanchi Mahanin Karunai Ullam

Publisher: Thirumagal Nilayam

10) கருணை தெய்வம் காஞ்சி மாமுனிவர் - Karunai deivam Kanchi Mamunivar

Author: Shri S. Ganesa Sarma
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services

11) மகா பெரியவர்-Maha Periyavar

Author: Shri S. Ramani Anna
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services

12) சங்கீத சங்கரர் காஞ்சி மகா பெரியவர்-Sangeetha Sankarar Kaanji Mahaperiyavar

சங்கீத சங்கரர் காஞ்சி மகா பெரியவர்-Sangeetha Sankarar Kaanji Mahaperiyavar
Author: Shri S. Ganesa Sharma
Publisher: Vikatan Media Services

13) குரு உபதேசம் ( காஞ்சி பரமாச்சாரியார் ) --- Guru Upadesam (Kanchi Paramachariyar)

Author: Shri K.K. Ramalingam
Publisher: Narmadha Padhippagam

14) தெய்வத்தின் குரல் (Part 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7)

Author: Shri Ra. Ganapathi
Publisher: Vanathi Pathipagam

15) காஞ்சி முனிவர் --- நினைவுக் கதம்பம்

Author: Shri Ra. Ganapathi

16) கருணைக்கடலில் சில அலைகள்

Author: Shri Ra. Ganapathi

17) கருணைக்காஞ்சி கனகதாரை

Author: Ra. Ganapathi

18) காமகோடி ராமகோடி

Author: Shri Ra. Ganapathi

19)  சொல்லின் செல்வர் --- ஸ்ரீ காஞ்சி முனிவர்

Author: Shri Ra. Ganapathi

20) அலகிலா விளையாட்டுடையான் Alagila Vilayattudaiyan

Author: Shri S. Ganesa Sarma

It is a compilation of the articles of Sri Ganesa Sarma in Kamakoti Journal featured over the years. Copies of it are available in branches of Giri Trading.

21) கருணைக் கடலே  Karunai Kadale

Author: Shri Bharanidharan

22) சிவ சாகரத்தில் சில அலைகள் --- Siva Sagarathil Sila Alaigal

Author: Sivan Sir

23) ஏணிப்படிகளில் சில மாந்தர்கள்  --- Enippadigal sila manithargal

Author: Sivan Sir

24) தாயுமான மஹான் --- Thayumana Mahan Parts 1 and 2 

Narrated by Brahmasri E S Vedapuri Shastrigal
Author: Smt Revathi Kumar (she may be contacted at 9789082269 for the book)

25) பெரியவா எனக்கு மட்டும்தான் --- Periyava enakku mattum dhaan

Author: Shri Bharani Mani (he may be contacted at numbers 044 23652017 or 9940053464 f
or the book)

26) அர்த்தமுள்ள இந்து மதம் --- Arthamulla Indu Madham

Author: Shri Kannadasan

அன்பே அருளே ---  Anbe Arule 

Author: Shri Bharnidharan

ஸ்ரீ பரமாச்சார்யாளின் பாதையிலே ---  Shri Paramacharyal Padhaiyile Parts 1 and 2

Author: Smr R. Ponnammal

29) அமிருத மொழிகள் --- Amrutha Mozhigal

Author: HH Sringeri Jagadguru Shri Chandrashekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal's teachings

30) ஸ்ரீ குருகிருபா விலாஸம் --- Shri Gurukrupa Vilasam
Author: HH Sringeri Jagadguru Shri Chandrashekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal's teachings

31) ஸ்ரீ மகா ஸ்வாமிகள் அருளுரை --- Shri Mahaswamigal Arulurai

Kalaimagal Publications

32) தந்தது உன் தன்னை, கொண்டது என் தன்னை --- Thanthathu un thannai, kondathu en thannai

Book on Shri Pradosham Mama

Author: Smt Akila Karthikeyan

Copies can be obtained by contacting Sudarsan Graphics at 91-44-24344038 or please visit Pradosham Mama's home in Kanchi near Collector's office and they will bless you with this book.

33) மஹா பெரியவா மகிமை --- Mahaperiyava Mahimai

Author: Smt V. Rajalakshmi

34) காஞ்சி பெரியவரின் அருட்பார்வை --- Kanchi Periyavarin Arutparvai

Author: Shri Ra. Venkataswamy

35) பூஜ்யஸ்ரீ மஹா ஸ்வாமிகள் வரலாறு --- Pujyasri Mahaswamigal Varalaru
Parts 1 and 2

Authors: Shri Sambamurthy Sastrigal, Shri Kuppuswamy Iyer, Shri 'Sollin Selvan' P.N. Parasuraman

Alliance Publication

phone: 2464 1314

36) காஞ்சியின் கவின்மிகு கோயில்கள் --- Kanchiyin Kavinmigu Koilgal

Author: Shri T.V.R. Chariyar

Most of these books can be obtained from Giri Trading, Bharathiya Vidya Bhava, Kanchi

Sankara Matams and online too at

ஸ்ரீ காஞ்சி மாமுனிவர் அந்தாதி Sri Kanchi Mamunivar Anthadi

Savitri Foundation recently released Sri Kanchi Mamunivar Anthadi, a slim volume of 

verses tracing the highlights in the life of the sage. In Anthadi, the last word of a verse 

becomes the opening phrase of the next. It is a hymn, where the thought process continues 

in seamless fashion.

The composer, Karur L. Subramanian, was inspired by a book released in connection with 

Paramacharya’s 60th birthday. He wanted his tribute to be in the Anthadi format. It so 

happened the sage attained samadi when the poem was completed, on Anusham, the star 

on  which He was born. The Anthadi now got a whole new significance. It was circulated as 

a pamphlet, among the devotees, who visited the Kanchi Math, until it reached the hands of 

J. Bala- subramaniam, auditor and founder, Savitri Foundation. He decided to not only 

release the poem as a handy booklet but also get it sung by a musician and the choice fell on 

Dr. R. Ganesh.

Both book and CD were recently released in the city by HH Sri Jayendra Saraswati 

Swamigal and HH Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal. Dr. Ganesh has rendered the verses 

in 25 ragas, staying true to the syntax. This enables the listener to get the outline as the 

musical journey hits the highlights. 

The book has additional poems composed by various poets as tribute. For details contact 

24616439 and 9176671177..

38) The God that Speaks, Pesum Deivam

Author: Shri JK Sivan.

Please check this link for more details about this book:

39) பொன்னார்மேனியுடன் பொன்னான நாட்கள் Vol 2 --- Ponnaar Meniyudan Ponnana Naatkal

Book by Dr. Subramaniam.

Please contact him at  9443908612 for the book. Please check this link to know more about this book:

Mahaperiyava Dhivya Charithram in Tamil by Shri Sambamoorthy Sastrigal

Please click and read this English translated version in this link:

Tamil book can be read here:

41) Maha Amirtham book by The Hindu

Please check the below link for more details about this book:

42) Jagadguru Shri Chandrasekerendra Saraswati Swamigal Vijaya Kavyam (Kaavyam)

This is a Sanskrit book, but translations are provided in Tamil also. Please check the below link for more details about this book:

Will update this page as and when I run into new books.

For a list of English Books (and for contact details of Giri Trading and Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan etc), please click on below link:


  1. Really a great job ji. Mahaperiyava devottees will feel extremely happy for this list. Actually i was searching for such a list. HE has given it thro' u. I have misd 3 books of this list. I believe , HE will make it to reach me shortly..! pls see to see HIS blessings for me. PERIYAVA CHARANAM.

    1. i would like to know whether `kanchi mahan dharisanam' by srimatam balu is same as `kachchimoodhoor karunamurthi' by the same author (it is mentioned so in the cover above). i would like to know whether this book is a serial to the K.Karunamurthi or having same contents only.

  2. may i know where sivasagarathil sila alaigal is available?

    1. Hi Smt Vasumathy, extremely sorry for the delayed reply. You may download it free from here: If you want a physical copy, you contact Shri Sivaraman at 96000 15230. His address is: E-Block, II Floor, Flat No.1, Sri Jayendra Colony, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Kandan Chavadi, Chennai 600096.

  3. I read one book on Maha Periyava in Tamil. Excellent and touched. Searching for same type of book written by the devotee. Pl suggest.

    1. Hi Shri Subramanian, do you recollect the name of the devotee whose book you had read? Then may be I can help to find other books written by the same person. Thank you.

  4. Is there any site providing free download of these books? Scribd is asking for monthly subscription. Please let me know.

    1. Hi, you may download some of Ra Ganapathi Anna's books from here: Thank you.

    2. Downloaded few books , thankyou.

  5. Great service Suresh Sir! May Maha Periyava Bless you with such continued good work and service to Maha Periyava Devotees! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!

  6. may know the contact no for shri ganesh shama for his Lygris by Gurusmaran

  7. Sir, this is Ramesh subramanian. Kindly advise as to where to get Shri.Ekambaram mama's tamil book?

  8. Thank you so much for this service...seeing all the collections in a page, i felt like buying them all at once ... Periyava charanam

  9. Thank you so much for this service...seeing all the collections in a page, i felt like buying them all at once ... Periyava charanam

  10. Dear sir,This is Ramesh Subramanian,Mylapore.I got introduced to 2 new books only due to your posting.Kindly add 10 volumes of Deivathin Arul(Devotees experiences),written by Shri.Karthikeyan,published by Thangathamarai pathipagam,Adyar.The fourth volume of Mahaperiyava(Tamil),by Shri.P.Swaminathan also to be added.thanks.

  11. Hi

    Please help me to get a copy of Karunai Deivam Kanchi Mamunivar a- A book by sri - S. Ganesa Sharma - The book is out stock at all outlets including Vikatan Media Services - I am very much inspired by Sir's upanyasams and would really like to have one or 2 copies for daily parayanam - Please contact me at

  12. Mahaswamigal aruluraigal part II & Sankara vijayam(as narrated by Mahaswamigal/excellent book,read 50%) are published by M/s Kalaimagal,no.1 Sanskrit college street,Mylapore(Cost Rs.800 at present Rs.300 + 350+150)

  13. Where can I get பெண்மையைப் போற்றுவோம் book by Ra. Ganapathy.

  14. Sir, the book 29) அமிருத மொழிகள் --- Amrutha Mozhigal

    Author: HH Sringeri Jagadguru Shri Chandrashekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal's teachings

    is not related to Mahaperiyavaa. With all respect and humbleness to Shringeri Acharyas and Present MahaSannidhanams & Sannidhanam, kindly remove these image as well as the text entries as they're not contextually related.

  15. Sir, there are books other than those related to Mahaperiyavaa. If you're open to share those titles, then I can share some more of them as well. If not kindly limit this page to Mahaperiyavaa, Sri Sivan SAR, and kanchi mutt and its Acharyas.

  16. It's hard to come by experienced people on this subject, but you seem like you know what you're talking about! Thanks

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